Alaska Native EldersHomer, Alaska

 The Rural Human Service (RHS) Program, College of Rural and Community Development, is a 34-credit certificate University of Alaska academic program developed for Alaska village-based human service providers. It is intended for rural residents who are natural helpers and healers in their communities, and it is designed to help further develop skills and credentials in the helping profession. RHS offers a culturally grounded training and university education designed for rural, village-based human service workers. Skill development, education, and training are provided in services such as crisis intervention, suicide prevention, community development, and counseling in mental health, substance abuse, interpersonal violence, grief, and healing. Students are often employed full-time and supported by their employer to attend the intensive classes. Students are supported by numerous partnerships and collaborations throughout Alaska.  The program curriculum, built over the course of 20+ years, has an active advisory council from across Alaska.