Dennis Demmert Awardees

The Dennis Demmert award provides an opportunity for students to nominate a person whom they feel has positively affected their academic efforts at UAF. 2021 marks the 26th year the RSS students and staff have recognized individuals at UAF whose efforts demonstrate UAF's goals of being the educational center for Alaska Natives. During the 1994 Native Summit at UAF, Dennis Demmert recommended that something be done to recognize individuals whose actions have proved their support. The name was changed from RSS Appreciation and Recognition Award to the Dennis Demmert Appreciation and Recognition Award in honor of the many years of service that Dennis has given for the betterment of the Alaska Native community.



2022 Dennis Demmert Awardees


Cathy Brooks (Associate Professor, DANSRD)

Donald Crocker (Assistant Director, Student Support Services TRIO)

Knut Kielland (Professor, Biology and Wildlife Department)

Corbin Sandgren (Intake Specialist and Student Conduct Administrator, CSRR)

TiaAnna Puya Marie Tidwell (Department Co-chair and Assistant Professor, DANSRD)

2022 Dennis Demmert


2021 Dennis Demmert Awardees21 Award Zoom

Kate Quick (Developmental Education Assistant Professor)

Jamie Smith (Art Dept. Adjunct Lecturer)

Don Larson (Biology and Wildlife Dept. Assistant Professor)

LaVerne Demientieff (Social Work Dept. Clinical Associate Professor)

Miho Aoki (Art Dept. Associate Professor of Digital Art)

Taniesha Moses (Social Work Practicum)

2020 (No awards given due to Covid disruptions)

2019 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Walkie Charles
Jann Laiti
Andrew Luft
Heather Aruffo



2018 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Kathryn Dohner
Sandra Wildfeuer
Kathleen Meckel
Megan Huerd


2017 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Joanna Green
Anshul Pandya
Pete Pinney (not pictured)


2016 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Sveta Yamin-Pasternak
Rebekah Hare
Daryl Farmer
Chelsea Zibell
Amy Wald


2015 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Todd Brinkman
Cindy Fabbri (not pictured)
Knut Kielland
Evon Peter
Brian Rasley
Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard


2014 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Brad Bishop
Barbara Blake
Sarah Fowell
Paul Perreault
Charlene Stern


2013 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Mary Kreta
Jenny Liu


2012 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Jodi Bailey
Jenny Bell-Jones
Brian Rasley
Amelia Ruerup
Da-ka-xeen Mehner


2011 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Terry Chapin
David Newman
Andres Lopez
Jody Hassel
Cathy Brooks
Walkie Charles


2010 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Lance Twitchell
Jeri Maxwell
Charlie Sparks
Ross Imbler
Lolly Carpluk
Jordan Lewis


2009 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Brian O'Donoghue
Ashley Munro
Kay Thomas
Teisha Simmons
Kevin Illingworth


2008 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Jacqueline Alleyne McCants
Joan Braddock
Michael Koskey
Frances Bedel


2007 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Deanna Dieringer
Jean Carlo
Sasha Dixon
James Stone
Crystal Whittle


2006 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Carol Murphrey
Graehl Brooks
Michelle Koonz
Greg Owens
Jericho Williams
Daniel Solie


2005 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Kelly Drew
Libby Eddy
Sue Hills
Jann Laiti


2004 Dennis Demmert Awardees

George Minassian
Tim Barnett
Mani Owens
Kara Nance
Daniel Solie


2003 Dennis Demmert Awardees

John Aspnes
Marty Getz
Gerald McBeath


2002 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Suzanne Bordelon
Helen Harrel
Kathy Catron
George Charles
Lillian Garnett


2001 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Richard Caulfield
Gordon Pullar
Lois Lind
Alvin Amason
Kelly Sinkey


2000 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Michael DeCelles
Marshall Lind
Kevin Huddy
John Kelly
Laura Milner


1999 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Wendy Allsbrook-Javier
Mike Gaffney
Phyllis Fast
Bill Connor
Gerald Berman


1998 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Kevin Turnbough
Mark Beck
Greg Owens
Jim Kowalsky
Margaret Baker


1997 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Raymond Barnhardt
Keli McGee
Richard Caulfield
John Taylor
Donald Lokken


1996 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Denise Wartes
Ruth Olsen
Theresa John
Carol Barnhardt
Ralph Gabrielli


1995 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Sara Darnell-McGee
Greg Owens
Doug Schamel
Paul Reichardt
John Zarling