Incident Reporting


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Incident Reporting Guidelines

It is important to report all job-related injuries, illnesses, or property damage, even the minor occurrences. The information received will help Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (EHSRM) track statistics that may identify occupational hazards and trends that may need further evaluation.   To report an illness or injury, use the online incident reporting link. The incident report must be completed by the employee or their designee for EVERY injury or illness, regardless of whether medical attention is sought.   (See flow chart on this page)

Go to the nearest walk-in clinic, emergency room, or call 911 as the situation warrants. Notify your supervisor and report the incident on Origami as soon as possible

When you are treated for a work related incident tell the doctor you are a UAF employee who was injured while working for UAF.  The doctor will make the determination if it is a work injury.

If you decide to not seek medical treatment, your supervisor will still need to be notified and the incident report completed within the first eight (8) hours following the incident. Having the report completed is helpful if you decide to be seen at a later time.

You can still be seen by a doctor. Inform the clinic, you are being seen at, that you were injured while working for the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  

Incident reports entered in to the Online Reporting System, Origami, are screened by EHSRM staff.  An EHSRM employee may contact you to obtain more information to assist them in their investigation

No.  Incidents filed in Origami will include the necessary information required to be provided to the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Division. The System Office of Risk Services will notify and transmit the necessary information to the Alaska Worker’s Compensation Division on behalf of the employer.

UA State Wide Claims Adjustor will contact you.

You may need to file for Family Medical Leave (FML).  Consult with your human resources contact.  UA also has a return to work program that helps employees return to productive work, as soon as medically able, following an injury.  Return to work program guide (PDF)