I lost one of my ice cleats, may I get another pair?


One of my ice cleats broke, may I get another pair?


When am I able to order ice cleats in bulk?

This is the time that EHSRM makes bulk purchases to the manufacture.  In addition, due to supply and demand, certain sizes may not be available later in the season.  To ensure we have adequate sizes bulk ordering is done early in the winter season.

Can I use my ice cleats for personal use?

Yes.  Safety awareness from home as well as work is important.

Do I have to pay for ice cleats?

No, ice cleats at this time are available through loss prevention funds at no cost to the recipient.

My ice cleats keep falling off while walking, what can I do

The ice cleats maybe too big for the shoe you are wearing.  Try the cleats on a bulkier shoe or bring the cleats to our office and will fit you with a new pair.

Why won’t you send ice cleats intercampus mail?

This puts an unnecessary burden on the mail service employees.

Why do rural campuses have to fill out a Loss Prevention form to get their ice cleats?

It is cheaper for the ice cleats to be sent directly from the distributor to the rural campuses.

Why isn’t there a centralized location on campus to pick up ice cleats?

Unfortunately our office is located off campus.  Several times during the year we do set up on campus to provide ice cleats.

Who can receive ice cleats?

Currently UAF employees and students may receive ice cleats at no cost.

Where can I pick up a pair of ice cleats?

1855 Marika Road, off of Aurora Drive, located in the same building as Central Receiving or check with your administrative office.

What if my ice cleats are missing a spike?

Typically the ice cleats come with a spare spike.  If you cannot find the spare, EHSRM maintains spare spikes in their office.

Are there any hazards associated with the use of ice cleats?

Ice cleats cannot prevent all slips and falls on snow and ice. Ice cleats are not for use indoors. Caution should be taken when moving on any hard surfaces, on ladders, or while driving a vehicle. Ice cleat spikes are sharp and can pierce surfaces and skin. Ice cleats are not to be used for mountaineering and or hiking, in rocky terrain, or when the user may encounter steep up or down slopes. Ice cleats are not intended to be used on high heel footwear.

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