Camps, Events and Volunteers


If you have an event involving the public, you will want to fill out the events form.

More on Events

Helpful Event Forms and Links:

Summer Camps

The information on this page is to support programs with minors.

Sample Medical Release Forms:

Minors in Laboratories

Useful Tools:

For a Minor Waiver Form contact the Protection of Minors Manager, Becca Whitman, at 907-474-5487

Volunteer Process


  1. Fill out a Volunteer Qualification Checklist (PDF), then send to the following for approval:
    • Dean/Director
    • Risk Management
    • Human Resources
  2. Review the Guidelines on Using Volunteer Services (PDF)
  3. Provide Information to be Given to UA Volunteers (PDF) to your volunteer

Volunteer Training and Quiz

Volunteers who will be working with minors should do the following:

  1. Background Check (PDF)
  2. Protection of Minors Training (PDF)

Additional Resources