Faculty and Researchers

Safety Policy

As we work to create a robust culture of safety, your input and participation is invaluable. To see where we are, look at the following:

Safety Training

Travel (RM Travel and Driving Site)

Employees traveling internationally have access to AIG's pretravel planning assistance.Here you have access to immunizations, legal services, medical assistance and evacuation and repatriation information. Go to: AIG to see what coverage and assistance you have available to you.

Insurance (RM Insurance Coverage)

Visit our Insurance Page for more information

Lab Safety

Minors (under 18 years of age)

You will need waivers for any person that is under the age of 18 that will be working on your site. In addition, you and other researchers that direct the minor will need background checks and training.

  • Minor Waiver Form
  • Contact Risk Management 472-6164

Volunteers (18 years and older)

Be sure to fill out the volunteer form and determine if any additional insurance is needed by calling EHSRM 907-474-6164.

Family/Friend Accompaniment Form

This Family/Friend Accompaniment form must be filled out and kept on file at the department, when friends or family are travelling with a UAF employee. If your child under the age of 12 accompanies you, you must have a caretaker that is not a researcher, volunteer or other person participating in your research.

Research Specific

Field Research

  • Please visit our Field Research Page, it contains important information specific to field researchers.
  • UAF's Title IX Training policy has changed. It requires the training to be updated annually, be sure your training is up-to-date!
  • Field Travel means travel to locations that have no adequate medical response where if a serious injury occurred the person would need to be medivac’d from the site or the drive was more than 1 hour to those services.
  • Field research may require a variety of permits or clearances. Please call EHSRM for support at 907-474-5487

Emergency Contacts

When out in the field (glaciers, wilderness, remote, etc.) an emergency contact list must be left with your department should an accident, injury or delay of return occur. The person responsible for the list should be available 24/7. Emergency call numbers should be kept with the Sat phone or other method of communication as well as passed out to team members.

Field Research Accidents/Injuries

UAF understands when you are remote or out of sat phone range, it is difficult to report an accident/injury. Follow these guidelines for reporting.

  • As soon as your next contact is made with your department tell them about the accident/injury and have them, if possible, fill out the form and submit to EHSRM.
  • If there is a Medivac emergency or a death, please call your emergency contact immediately and have them notify EHSRM.
  • Reporting procedures are found here.

Field Research Insurance

Be sure to determine insurance coverage prior to departure, particularly for Medivac requirements.  Call EHSRM 907-474-6164 for questions.