Safety at UAF

As we work to create a robust culture of safety, your input and participation is invaluable. To see where we are, look at the following:

Safety Training


Visit our insurance page for information about insurance such as travel, property, auto and Workers’ Comp.

Travel (RM Travel and Driving Site)

Volunteers (18 years and older)

The University gratefully has a large number of volunteers to help in many areas. If you are using a volunteer, please visit volunteers page for requirements to protect them and you.

Minors (under 18 years of age)

We have many programs, activities and events that attract minors. To ensure their safety, all UAF employees must take awareness training (PDF) through UE and Policy and Reporting Training. See the protection of minors page to see if you need a background check and for more information.

Accident Injury Reporting

It is a requirement to report all accidents and injuries. You can find information as to how to report, who should report, when they should report, and what forms are needed here.

Loss Prevention

Any university employee may apply for Loss Prevention Funds. To find more information, visit the loss prevention process page.


Whether you are working in an office, outside, in the power plant or for facilities services, if it hurts to do your job, contact us we may be able to help.

Indoor Air Quality

Trouble with carbon monoxide, mold, fungi, bad smells, carbon dioxide? Call EHSRM for help at 907-474-5413.   Visit the Indoor Air Quality page for more information.