Non-Employee Students

UAF provides training, safety information, unsafe condition reporting, risk assessments, ice cleats and insurance to help students be safe on and off campus. These tools are synomymous with other industries, so as you go out to the workforce you will be able to apply what you've learned from our EHSRM department.


Lab Safety

General Safety

Working with Minors (required for those working with minors) (PDF)

Boat Safety - coming soon

Remote Travel Safety

Student Employees

Required Training

Worker's Compensation Information

Employee Injury Report

TITLE IX Resources

Title IX website

Report an Incident (under Title IX)

Field Research

When going in the field to complete funded or unfunded research, know your rights (PDF). You should also talk with your PI about your safety. The PI has responsibilities too which can be found in the PI Field Safety Responsibilities document (PDF). Before you go, make sure you have a field emergency plan (WORD) completed and filed with a contact that knows what to do should an emergency occur.