Job Hazard Analysis Quiz Jan-June

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Are You:

1. Which is recommended to best understand and develop a Job Hazard Analysis?

2. A JHA is a method of ____________ hazards, a means of __________ down the job, as well as a system to help employees understand ______________.

3. A priority system is valuable for an effective JHA

4. Who should perform the Job Hazard Analysis?

5. When should PPE be used?

6. The hierarchy to use for control measures, in order, is engineering controls, administrative controls, and PPE

7. Which job situation would rank as the highest priority to conduct a JHA?

8. Which is NOT a benefit of a JHA?

9. Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is sometimes referred to as?

10. Which is a reason why workers in their first year of work account for more than 50% of disabling claims?

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