How do I create a student organization?

  1. Fill out the form under "Register New Organization" on OrgSync under the "Organizations" tab. You must include a constitution, mission and vision statement, and a budget breakdown. 
  1. Arrange to meet with the Student Involvement Coordinator to go over your club registration. Email meeting requests to uaf-sli@alaska.edu.
  1. If your club meets the requirements set out by the Board of Regents and the Student Leadership and Involvement Office, you're SET 

Applications submitted mid-semester will be considered and reviewed, but will not be eligible for full recognition until the following semester.

How do I register my student organization?

  1. At least one person from your organization must attend Officer Training.
  2. Complete your OrgSync profile. This includes constitution and bylaws, officer and advisor information, meeting times and membership requirements. 
  3. Update Account Signers form. (Required only once a year) 

How do I spend club funds?

The SLI Office has credit cards available for checkout (pro cards). Students who are designated account signer's (see: account signer's form) can check out cards M-F from 9am-4pm. 
Pro Cards are due back to the office within 24 hours with a receipt. 
The process for spending money through a contract, requesting checks, or arranging travel is different. Please contact sccarlson@alaska.edu for those situations. 

How much money does my club have?

​UAF Student Organizations start with a balance of zero. At times ASUAF has provided automatic funding to clubs, but ​that is not in the current budget. Clubs are responsible for securing their own funding and keeping track of club balances. If you need a balance as a starting point to track your funds, please contact the SLI Office

How do I deposit money into my club account?

Deposits can be made in the SLI Office. Clubs will need to fill out a deposit slip which can be found online or completed in the office. We will write a deposit slip that clubs can use to track the account balance. 


Where can I get funding?

Depending on the mission of your club, funding can come from many sources. SLI will offer club funding when budget permits, with requirements that tie into our mission of leadership and volunteering. ASUAF also offers funding to clubs on an application basis though Club Council. We recommend checking our website throughout the semester, asking your academic department, and looking for partnerships across the University. 

How do I make someone an Administrator on OrgSync?

Anyone who already has Admin privileges within the portal can make another club member an Administrator.

  1. Go to your Organizations portal on OrgSync and selected the "People" tab
  2. Selected the person you would like to have Admin privileges 
  3. Click "Manage" and selected Administrators

Are there restrictions on what I can buy with club funds?

Yes! Student Organizations cannot buy drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or firearms. They also cannot purchase gift cards over $25. Gift cards purchased (under $25) cannot be to establishments that sell drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or firearms (like Fred Meyer). If in doubt about a purchase, just call! We can clarify. 

How do I recruit new members?

SLI hosts two club fairs per academic year. In the Fall we host Party in the Park during the first week of classes and in the Spring we host a club fair during Winter Carnival. More information can be found on OrgSync, including registration forms. Student Organizations also have a $75 credit per semester with Wood Center Graphics. This money does not roll over, you have $75 each semester to spend on flyers, posters, banners, design work, ect. Student Organizations can also reserve space in the Wood Center to table for different events. This space is reserved through OrgSync.

How do I reserve meeting space?

All space reservations are made through OrgSync. 
1. Create an event in your OrgSync portal, ex. "GSA Weekly Meeting"
2. Under 'description' put in your information (who, what, when, where, why)
3. Under the 'when and where' section enter in your time and date information then scroll down to the 'choose space' button 
Under 'choose space' you can search by building, capacity, room set up, ect. to find a space that will work for you. Available spaces will have a green checkmark next to them. Hit the reserve space button then continue to fill out your event information (upload a photo! Throw a gif in there!)


How does a club get re-recognized?

The requirements to be a registered student organization at UAF are: 

  1. Attend Officer Training
  2. Complete/update your OrgSync profile includes: constitution, officer and advisor information, meeting times and membership requirements. 
  3. Update Account Signers form required once a year.

When are Officer Trainings?

Officer Trainings begin every Fall Semester. Only one club officer from each organization is required to attend one training, once per school year to maintain recognition club status. Officer Training signups will be available for organizations on OrgSync

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