COLD Frequently Asked Questions

What is the COLD Program?

COLD stands for Co-curricular, Opportunities for Leadership Development and this program allows students to develop as well as enhance their leadership skills and abilities while participating in campus life at UAF.

How do I advance and complete the COLD Certificate?

  • Complete Enrollment Form and Complete Level I requirements.
  • After completing Level I you should work on Level II of the program.
  • After  completing Level II students will be able to Graudate with Leadership Honors and can also being Level III requirements
  • Once Level III has been completed students can Graduate with Leadership Distinction

Why is the COLD Certificate Program important?

  • Students develop life-long leadership skills that will help them in the workplace and global environment.
  • Allows students to be recognized for leadership experiences and involvement at UAF.
  • Co-curricular activities and leadership skills are documented, which can enhance a transcript and resume.

Can I work on all levels of the certificate at the same time?

Yes, students can work on different levels of the certificate at the same time. However, a student must meet all requirements of the previous level before becoming eligible to earn a subsequent certificate.

Can I use previous leadership experiences towards COLD certificate requirements?

Students can use leadership experiences that have taken place while attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

How much does it cost to participate in the COLD program?

It's FREE to participate in the COLD program! Occasional leadership opportunities do require registration fees, but these are rare.

How long will it take to complete each level?

The COLD Certificate Program can take a different amounts of time depending on the students involvement. For instance level one can be completed in one semester. However, the program is meant to build leadership skills, which take a little longer for the other levels.

Does the community service component have to be completed through the SLI office?

No, the community service component does not have to be completed through the SLI office. If a student chooses to do their community service outside of UAF programming, it must be signed off for verification. 

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