Budgets & Accounting


Your main points of contact are:

Anna-Mariah Kelly SNRE Fiscal Officer

907-474-6353, afkelly@alaska.edu

Responsible for: SNRE Federal & State Budgets; Assist Proposal Coordinator; Account Set-Ups; Account Questions; JVs; Management Reports; Federal & State Fiscal Reports; Backup for Grants Manager & Executive Officer

Susan Phillips SNRE Interim Executive Officer

907-474-1526, slphillips@alaska.edu

Responsible for: The SNRE Grant Fiscal Officer is responsible for accurate and timely financial management of SNRE including management of all restricted funding sources, proposal budget integrity, post-award project management, and any other financial interest of the unit. The Grant Fiscal Officer coordinates and prepares all financial reports, for both internal and external audiences, and acts as a primary point of contact on all issues of financial concern to members, partners, and customers of SNRE.


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Accounting Info

A short introduction to funding sources and accounting at UAF is provided in Budgets & Accounting. The Account Code Short List provides information on the most commonly used account codes for SNRE ProCard reconcilers along with a link to UA's revenue and expenditure account code list (searchable).


The Budget Process: How it works

Please review the following materials for current information on budget processes:


Budget call memos

Operating Budget memos


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