IT Support

Your main point of contact is:

Steve Peterson, SNRE IS Technician

Information technology services at the School of Natural Resources & Extension are provided by IS Technician Steve Peterson. Steve is located on the third floor in the O’Neill Building, room 329.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide on-site IT support services to students, faculty, and staff as needed and required. Services include but are not limited to computer hardware and software support, computer repair, security, new installs, software installation/troubleshooting, data backup services, networking/connectivity support, printing services, training, etc.

  • Respond to all service requests in a timely manner while communicating with users on the progress of their service request.
  • Provide student support services including individual, classroom, and lab technology support

  • Assist with video-conferencing events including distance delivery courses and meetings.

  • Provide computer-security services including virus/malware prevention and removal

  • Provide centralized network file-sharing services through NAS (Network Attached Storage)

  • Conduct all new computer-related purchases, regardless of funding source, including pre-purchase advice, hardware peripherals, software, workstations, and laptops

  • Provide remote support through the use of remote access software to all district offices, students, faculty, and staff throughout Alaska

Computer Purchases

SNRE will provide one main work computer, either desktop or laptop, for faculty and staff. Desktop computers include monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  If you choose a laptop as your primary workstation, other funding sources will be required when purchasing accessories such as monitors, keyboards/mouse, docking stations, etc. 

Computers will be replaced based on user requirements, age of existing computer, and future user needs.   Purchases of computers are limited to $1200.  Any cost over this amount will need to be covered by alternative sources of funding.

Getting Help

Please use the following information to contact Steve with all your IT needs and questions.

Office hours are 7:30am-3:45pm. Call 474-7053 when your issue is urgent and needs immediate support.

E-mail Steve at when your issue can be best described in writing, is not of an immediate or urgent concern, when you have corresponding e-mail attachments such as error messages or screenshots which can help troubleshoot the problem, or if an issue occurs after normal business hours.

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