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Serena Likar, Travel Coordinator - STS Office Lead

Katie Ridenour, Travel Coordinator - Purchasing

Jessica Slavik, Travel Coordinator - Expense Reports

Kim LaJiness, Travel Coordinator - In Training

Victoria Smith, STS Office Assistant

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Travel Authorizations (TA)

Purchasing Travel

Group Travel

While Traveling

Travel Expense Report (TER)

Per Diem, Meal and Incidental Expenses (M&IE)

Other Travel Issues

Rental Car Information

Travel Tips & Info

How Do I Initiate Travel?

We use two simple Google forms to capture all the information the we will need to create your travel authorization, purchase travel components like flights or conference registration, and make hotel reservations.

The first form is called the "Trip Request Form". It is completed prior to each trip. It contains all the information the Travel Office will need to create a travel authorization and purchase the required travel components. We will create your TA and route it in DocuSign for all required approvals. Once the TA has been approved, we can begin to make any purchases that you've requested. (UA BOR R.05.020.060.A.13.a.)

Trip Request Form (for use by those with "" email addresses)

Trip Request Form - Non-UA (for use by those not using an "" email address)

The second form is called "Traveler Preferences Form". This will record all the pertinent information about your travel preferences including your birthdate, mileage plan numbers, hotel preferences, etc. This form should only be completed once.

Traveler Preferences Form

If you have any questions about this process, please contact one of the STS staff. 


My Trip Has Been Cancelled or Rescheduled. What Do I Do?

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