Susan Todd

Associate Professor of Resource Planning


Contact information:
Phone: 907-474-6930
Fax: 907-474-6184
Location: 349 O'Neill Building

Curriculum vitae:
B.S., 1975, Bryn Mawr
M.R.P., 1979, University of Michigan
Ph.D., 1995, University of Michigan

NRM 101 - Natural Resource Conservation & Policy
NRM 430 - Resource Management Planning
NRM 630 - Resource Management Theory & Practice
NRM 632 - Literature of Science & the Environment

Research interests:

Dr. Todd's research concentrates on confilct resolution, mediation, public land use planning, and using web surveys and listservs to poll public opinion. She teaches natural resources conservation and policy, resource planning theory and practice, and readings in natural resources.

Current research programs:

  1. Innovative Methods of Involving the Public in Environmental Decisions
  2. The Alagnak Wild River Management Study

Examples of research support:

  • "Innovative Methods of Involving the Public in Environmental Decisions Hatch Proposal", UAF/SALRM and U.S. Dept of Agriculture, $27,000, 5-year grant.
  • "Alagnak River Planning", USDI National Park Service, $140,000, May 2003.

Examples of publications:

Helfferich, Deirdre and Susan Todd. 2003. The Wolf Control Issue. Agroborealis 35(1):19-21.

Todd, Susan. 2001. Building consensus on divisive issues: a case study of the Yukon wolf management team. Environmental Impact Assessment Review. 22 (2002) 655-684.

Todd, Susan. 2001. The value of collaborative processes in forestry. Western Forester. 46(6) 1-3.

Todd, Susan. 2001. The Alaska Public Land Planning Directory. Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Misc. Publication 2001-1. University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Todd, Susan. 2001. Measuring the Effectiveness of Environmental Dispute Settlement Efforts. Environmental Impact Assessment Review. 21 (2001): 97-110.

Todd, Susan. 1998. Of Wolves and People: Consensus Building in Resource Management. Abstract published in The Proceedings of the 7th Annual International Symposium on Society and Resource Management. May 20-31, 1998. University of Missouri, Columbia. Page 274.

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