Sarah Trainor

Assistant Professor of Social-Ecological Systems Sustainability


Contact information:
Phone: 907-474-7878
Location: O'Neill 370

Curriculum vitae PDF

Research interests:

  • Vulnerability and adaptation of northern communities to climate change. Communicating scientific information to inform planning and decision making in climate change adaptation and natural resource management. Human dimensions of global change in the arctic and northern latitudes.  Interdisciplinary assessment of ecosystem services related to global change and mixed subsistence economies in rural Alaska.
  • US Department of Agriculture. Linking Alaska to the USDA Climate Change Hub System. 2016. PI: J. Dawe, Co-Is: S.F. Trainor, N.L. Fresco, A. York. 1 year. $90,000.
  • National Science Foundation.  Research Education for Undergraduates Site: Understanding the Arctic as a system. 2015. PI: V. Alexeev.  Co-Is: S.F. Trainor, J. Walsh, E. Euskirchen, A. Liljedahl, I. Polyakov, V. Romanovsky. 3 years. $340,159. 
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 2015. The Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy: Science, Decision-Support, and Capacity Building for Climate Resilience in Alaska. PIs: S.F. Trainor and J. Walsh. Co-I: N. Kettle.  5 years.  $3,500,000.
  • Bureau of Land Management. Partnering with Land Managers to Explore Community Knowledge and Research Needs Relating to Arctic Wildfires. 2015. PI: S.F. Trainor. 1 year. $17,240.
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs. Development of tribal government climate adaptation plans for Nome, Alaska. 2015. PI: N. Kettle. Co-I: J. Walsh, S.F. Trainor. 2 years. $151,786.
  • Joint Fire Science Program. The Alaska Fire Science Consortium/ Knowledge Exchange: Building Enduring Connections Between Fire Science and Management in Alaska. 2014. PI: S.F. Trainor. 2 years. $400,000.
Journal Articles:
  • D. Stanitski, M. Druckenmiller, F. Fetterer, M. Gerst, J. Intrieri, M. A. Kenney, W. Meier, J. Overland, J. Stroeve, S. F. Trainor. Arctic Indicators of Change. (In Prep).  Climatic Change.
  • J. Cherry. C.N. Knapp, S.F. Trainor, A. Ray, M. Tedesche, and S. Walker. (In Revision) Planning for climate change impacts on hydropower in the Far North. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences.
  • Trainor, S.F., J. Walsh, J.B. Gamble. (In Revision) Human Adaptation to Climate Change in Alaska: Overview and Recommendations for Future Research and Assessment. Arctic.
  • Kettle, N., S.F. Trainor. (2015) The role of remote engagement in supporting boundary chain networks across Alaska. Climate Risk Management. (9), 6-19.
  • Frisch, L., J. Mathis, N. Kettle, S.F.Trainor. (2015) Gauging Perceptions of Ocean Acidification in Alaska. Marine Policy. 53:101-110.
  • Knapp, C.N., S.F. Trainor. (2015) Alaskan stakeholder-defined research needs in the context of climate change. Polar Geography.
 Book Chapters:
  • N. Kettle, J. Sam, S.F. Trainor, G. Gray. (Submitted) Supporting Tribal Climate Adaptation Planning in Northwest Alaska. In: Approaches to Address Climate Change at the Local Level.  Eds: Don Albrecht and Paul Lachapelle. Publisher: TBD.
  • Kontar, Y.Y., Trainor S.F., Gavrylieva, T.N., Echelberger, J.C., and Tananaev N.I. (Submitted). Advancing Springtime Flood Risk Reduction in the Arctic through International and Interagency Collaborations. Global Change and Future Earth: The Geodetic and Geophysical Perspective. Cambridge University Press.
  • S.F. Trainor, N. Kettle, J.B. Gamble (2016). Not Another Webinar! Regional Webinars as a Platform for Climate Knowledge to Action Networking in Alaska.  In Climate in Context, eds. A. Parris and G. Garffin.  Wiley & Sons.
  • S. F. Trainor (2013). Deeper Sense of Place for Indigenous and Western Science Partners in Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation in Alaska. In A Deeper Sense of Place: Stories and Journeys of Indigenous-Academic Collaboration, eds. J. Johnson & S. Larsen. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press.
  • S.F. Trainor (2012). Confronting Climate Change: Leadership and Action in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty. Chapter in Environmental Leadership: A Reference Handbook. D. R. Gallagher, Editor. Vol 2. Sage Publications, Inc., Chapter 54.  pp. 511-518.
  • S. F. Trainor, A. Godduhn,  L. K. Duffy,  F. S. Chapin III, D. C. Natcher, G. Kofinas,  H. P. Huntington, (2009). Environmental Injustice in the Canadian Far North:  Persistent Organic Pollutants and Arctic Climate Impacts.  Chapter 8 in Concepts of Environmental Justice in Canada, U.B.C. Press.  J. Agyeman, R. Haluza-Delay, P. Cole and P. O’Riley, Eds, pp. 144-162.
  • R. B. Norgaard, A. J. Scholz, and S. F. Trainor. (2001). “Values, Valuation, and Valuing Processes.”  In Economic Growth and Valuation of the Environment, edited by Ekko van Ierland, Jan van der Straaten and Herman R. J. Vollebergh. Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar Publishing. pp. 151-169.
 Technical Reports:
  • M. Sommerkorn, G. Hovelsrud, S.F. Trainor, Invited Lead Author. (In Prep) Adaptation Methodologies and Tools to Enable Action.  In: Armstrong, T. et al. Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic (d),  Pan-Arctic Report. The Arctic Council.
  • S.F. Trainor. (In Review) (Lead Author), L. Abruitina, F. Stuart Chapin III, Valery Chashin, David Driscol, Lawrence Hartig, Nathan Kettle, et al.. Adaptation Actions Chapter. In: Hinzman, L. D., et al. Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic (c), Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Region. The Arctic Council.
  • L. D. Hinzman, J. Gamble, A. Klepikov, P. M. Outridge, L. Thorsteinson, S. F. Trainor, and J. E. Walsh. (In Review)(Contributing Author). Synthesis Chapter. . In: Hinzman, L. D., et al. Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic (c), Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Region. The Arctic Council.
  • S.F. Trainor, T. Buxbaum, A. York, A. Perrin. (In Review) Science Communication and Outreach.  In: Markon, C., Robertson, A., et al. Drivers of Landscape Change in the Northwest Boreal Region of North America: impacts on natural resources, ecosystems, and communities. North West Boreal Landscape Conservation Cooperative.  UGSG Press.

Introduction to Sustainability Science (NRM 111). Spring 2015, 2016. Natural Resources Management, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Global to Local Sustainability (ANTH/ECON/BIO/NRM 647).  Fall 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Regional Resilience and Adaptation Program & Natural Resources Management, University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

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