Core Values and Guiding Principles


• Community: We are committed to building a community of stakeholders —
students, staff, faculty, alumni, community and businesses — that promotes
learning through teamwork, cooperation, shared purpose, commitment and
respectful and ethical behavior.

Continuous Improvment

• Continuous Improvement: We strive to improve our School continually by
monitoring our performance and supporting continued discussion among faculty,
staff, students, the community, administrators, business leaders and all who share
in our desire for success.


• Environment: We promote respect, value diversity, foster communication and
openness, encourage personal and social responsibility and support creativity and
innovation. We promote a collegial, supportive environment in which faculty,
staff and students work together and develop to their fullest potential.


• Excellence: We are committed to excellence, intellectual rigor and the creation
of value in the pursuit and sharing of knowledge.


• Research: We are committed to providing rich opportunities for basic and
applied research and encouraging collaborative projects.

Student Learning Opportunities

• Student Learning Opportunities: We strive to offer our students opportunities
through state-of-the-art scholarship in the classroom and valuable experiential
learning opportunities.

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