Business Advisory Council


September 26, 2008

(Approved at BAC Meeting)



(1) Mission: The mission of the School of Management’s Business Advisory Council is to provide support, guidance and leadership to the Dean on issues pertaining to the school’s academic excellence.

(2) Functions: Members will have at least some of the following responsibilities:

  • Attend two meetings a year.
  • Develop a shared vision and contribute to the Strategic Plan for the school.
  • To communicate perspectives on the needs of the business community for the skills and education required of SOM graduates.
  • Support the School’s reaffirmation efforts for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
  • Serve as guest speakers in classes or help in obtaining guest speakers.
  • Interact with appropriate campus constituencies regarding career development, internships and active learning opportunities.
  • Assist in Assurance of Learning.
  • To support SOM events including, but not limited to, Business Week and Business Leader of the Year and SOM student organizations.
  • Publicizing the accomplishments and capabilities of the college to the broader business community.
  • Assist SOM in fund-raising efforts.

(3) Membership: Membership of the board will consist of the Dean, Associate Dean, the chair of the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) (ex officio) and approximately 15 members outside of the School. Initial appointments are made by the Dean with roughly one-third of the members with one, two and three year terms. Continued appointments (both renewable and new) will be made by the Dean and the Board and will be for three years. A staff member will be appointed by the Dean to take the minutes.

(4) Officers: The officers will consist of a Chair and Vice-Chair. Terms run from July 1 to June 30. The initial appointing of the Chair will be done by the Dean. All other Chair terms and all other officers are elected by the BAC. The BAC may elect other officers as it may be deemed necessary for the transaction and business of the organization. The terms are for two years and no individual may serve the same position for more than two consecutive terms.

  • The Chair will set the agenda for the BAC meetings with input from the Dean.
  • The Chair will run the BAC meetings.
  • The Chair will confer regularly with the Dean regarding strategic and tactical issues and may contact members for their advice outside of meetings.
  • The Vice Chair works with the Chair and runs the BAC meetings in the absence of the Chair.

(5) Meetings: There will be two meetings a year. The first will be in September to coincide with Fall UAF alumni meetings. The second will be in March to coincide with the SOM Associated Students of Business (ASB) Business Leader of the Year function.

(6) Committees: There are no standing committees at this time. The Chair may appoint ad hoc committees as appropriate.

(7) Decision making: Official positions or recommendations of the BAC will be a simple majority vote by a raise of hands, roll call, electronic or voice vote as needed.

(8) Quorum: A majority of members in attendance in person or on the phone are needed to represent a quorum.