Ken Abramowicz

Dr. Haiwei Chen, CFA


Associate Professor, Accounting and Finance Program
225F Bunnell Building
(907) 474-5437


Research and Scholarly Interests

Corporate Governance

Capital Structures

Investment Strategies

Portfolio Management

Financial Analysis

Market Regulations



Ph.D., 1998, Economics, Emory University


Recent Publications

Chen, H. & Ngo, T. (2018). “Master limited partnerships: Is it a good investment vehicle?” Journal of Commodity Markets, (11), 22-36.

Chen, H., Estes, J., & Pratt, W. (2018). “Investing in the Healthcare Sector: Mutual Funds for ETFs.” Managerial Finance, 44(4), 495-508.

Chen, H. (2018). “Margin policy in futures markets: The American System vs. The Chinese System.” Chinese Economy, 51(2), 1-22.

Chen, H. (2017). “Real estate transfer taxes and housing price volatility in the United States.” International Real Estate Review, 20(2), 207-219.

Chen, H. & Ngo, T. (2017) “Leverage-based index revisions: The case of Dow Jones Islamic market world index.” Global Finance Journal, 32, 16-34.

Chen, H. (2016). “A Tobin tax only on sellers.” Finance Research Letters, 19, 83-89.

Chen, H., Farooqi, J., Huerta, D., & Ngo, T. (2015) “Momentum strategy in Shariah stocks: The role of debt.” Journal of Investing, 24, 90-111.

Chen, H., Heon Shin, S., & Sun, X. (2015). “Return-Enhancing Strategies with International ETFs: Exploiting the Turn-of-the-Month Effect.” Financial Services Review, 24(3), 271-288.

Chen, H., Estes, J., & Jubinski, D. (2014). “Our benchmark is better than your benchmark: The case of the municipal bond market.” Journal of Financial Planning, 2014, 50-59.



Swimming, Running, Hiking, Reading, Traveling, Badminton, Soccer, Racquetball, Poetry, Music.


Courses Taught

BA 325, BA 432, MBA 680.