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ARctic Security

Since 2014, the Center for Arctic Security and Resilience (CASR) has been actively involved with the Department of Defense for providing various contractual requirements associated with Arctic-related regional security expertise. The primary clients/hosts are NORAD-USNORTHCOM and the Alaskan Command, which has included the following example of activities involving center members:

  • Arctic Defense and Security Orientation (ADSO)
    • Regional studies program conducted in two versions (standards and executive [GO/FO-SES] sessions) delivered exclusively by center members for the purposes of baselining DOD personnel and associates with a comprehensive introduction of the Circumpolar North with an operational focus.
    • Conducted several times each year at each HQ
  • Arctic Conferences
    • Led the 2014 and 2016 Arctic Collaborative Workshops at UAF
    • Conducted modified Executive ADSO for the National Guard Arctic Initiative Council in 2017 at Fort Wainwright, Fairbanks, Alaska
    • Conducted keynote delivery for the Pentagon's Operation Uggianatqtuq, an U.S. Air Force Arctic Security Expedition for senior general officers, at Eielson AFB, Alaska
    • Led the 2018 Arctic Maritime Symposium in Anchorage, Alaska
      • Attended by CDRUSNORTHCOM as well as the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, USS Momsen (DDG-92)
    • Led ADSO Executive Session for the 2019 ALCOM Arctic Symposium at UAF
  • Numerous other related activities, further detailed in pages linked below


Security through Arctic Knowledge

Although it can be defined numerous ways, the ‘security’ aspect for this certificate is met through an exploration and focus on the traditional, operational world and those aspects associated with the roles and responsibilities of the Armed Forces and Public Safety. Few programs are as qualified or experienced to effectively teach such subjects. The instructors for this certificate are established experts in the region. They have the verifiable credentials and experience as a team unmatched in any other program. This includes significant understanding and involvement of the operational, strategic, indigenous, diplomatic and research/academic world gained through training, credentialing, and experience with a unique ability to recognize as well as integrate perspectives and comprehension of these major categories into instruction.



Security through Arctic Education: edX

Through the Center for Arctic Security and Resilience (CASR), UAF will be offering an edX course on Arctic Security Fundamentals. This is part of several inaugural AlaskaX UAF Arctic courses starting in the Fall of 2020.  The course explores the security circumstances of the Arctic through a focus on the key stakeholders responsible for diplomacy and defense in the context of cooperation and competition. The course is completely free or students can pay a small fee for the certificate.



Arctic Collaborative Workshop 2016


Arctic Credentials and Experience

The following team members of the center are responsible for providing various Arctic Security education and services to a variety of clients - from students to the international community and everything in between. Below are links to each members relevant Arctic credentials.