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SOM MBA Students

Our students come from all walks of life and have needs and priorities as unique as they are. The SOM MBA program offers our students opportunity, flexibility, and support to help them successfully complete their degree.


Sierra Sadler worked as a financial intern at BP while she was an MBA student at SOM. When asked about how studying at UAF gave her an advantage, she said:

"I would never have known about the internship opportunity unless I was in the UAF MBA program. There are a lot of opportunities for networking at UAF. I learned about the internships through career fairs on campus, as well as talking with School of Management alumni. Then, at events like the Business Leader of the Year, I was able to network directly with people from BP.  I think BP is one of the companies in Alaska that really care about hiring students from UAF. BP notices the students coming out of the UAF MBA program are staying in Alaska and they’re excelling. You do have an advantage if you come from UAF."


Mike Seper sent the following feedback after taking the Strategic Collaboration course during his MBA program in the summer of 2015.

"Beginning my master of business administration during the summer semester with University of Alaska Fairbanks online seemed like a daunting endeavor. Beginning graduate level classes after nearly a decade removed from academia and managing my zipline business, seemed to leave little time for anything resembling summer. Fortunately, my instructor Anita Hughes was flexible and understanding of the requirements of both class and business. Anita helped guide our class to become a cohesive unit and learn from each other’s experiences.

The Strategic Collaboration class was a great introduction to the MBA program with real world applications that I was able to use to improve my business operations. It is exciting to advance my education and the opportunities that await upon graduation from UAF. The University of Alaska Fairbanks online MBA program offers everything I had been searching for and more, in the form of quality instruction and flexible online offerings to fit even the busiest schedule."

In the video below, MBA graduate Siri Slater shares what it is like to experience UAF's online program as a student, mom, and working professional.


Vincent Kwarteng sent the following feedback after taking the Strategic Collaboration and courses during his MBA program in the summer of 2015.

"I am very thankful to University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) for making obtaining an MBA Degree a dream come true without having to break service. While stationed in Fort Wainwright, Alaska, I decided to enroll in UAF's evening MBA program. The program was very interesting and informative yet challenging. When the time came for me to deploy, my professors were kind enough to help me complete my last two classes from Afghanistan. My instructors were understanding of my situation and provided flexibility around deadlines to accommodate the operational tempo of deployment."  

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