Tuition for attending UAF changes every year and is dependent upon residency. Costs for the MSDM degree will vary depending on whether students choose 400-level or 600-level courses for their two elective courses, and whether they choose online or in-person classes. Students may have additional costs if they are required to take pre-requisite courses prior to beginning the MSDM requirements. See the Curriculum page for more details.

Below are estimated costs for resident (and online) and non-resident students.

Estimated Tuition Costs (excluding Fees, Room, and Board)

Fall 2016/Spring 2017

* Non-resident students pay resident (in-state) tuition for online classes.

NOTE: All SOM courses are charged an additional surcharge of 20% of tuition.  For the 2017-2018 Academic year, this comes out to $49/credit for undergraduate courses (300 to 400-level only) and $93/credit for graduate courses (600-level); these fees are not covered by tuition waivers. Additional UAF fees may also apply.

You can find the complete estimated cost of attendance, including applicable fees, room, and board, for either resident/online or non-resident students on the UAF Tuition & Fees page. For a better idea of tuition expense you can also use the UAF tuition calculator.



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