Haiwei Chen

Dr. Haiwei Chen, CFA

Associate Professor, Finance
Office 225F, Bunnell Building
(907) 474-5437


Teaching: Investment, corporate finance, derivatives, international finance
Research: Market microstructures, investment strategy, mutual funds, capital structures, market regulation


Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA Institute 2011
Ph.D., Economics, Emory University 1998
MBA, Management, University of West Georgia 1991
BA, World Economy, Jilin University, China 1988

Recent Publications:

Chen, H. & Ngo, T. (forthcoming). Master limited partnerships: Is it a smart investment vehicle? Journal of Commodity Markets.

Chen, H., Estes, J. & Pratt, J. (forthcoming). Investing in the healthcare sector: mutual funds or ETFs? Managerial Finance.

Chen, H. (2017). Real estate transfer taxes and housing price volatility in the United States, International Real Estate Review, 20 (2), 207-219.

Chen, H. & T. Ngo. (2017). Leverage-based index revisions: The case of Dow Jones Islamic market world index, Global Finance Journal, 32, 16-34.

Chen, H. (2016). A Tobin tax only on sellers, Finance Research Letters, 19, 83-89.

Farooqi, J., Ngo, T., Huerta-Sanchez, D., & Chen, H. (2015).  Momentum Strategies in Shari'ah-Compliant Stocks: The Role of Debt.   Journal of Investing, 24, 90-111.
Chen, H., Shin, S. H., & Sun, X. (2015).  Return-enhancing strategies with international ETFs: Exploiting the turn-of-the-month effect.   Financial Services Review, 24, 271-288.

Chen, H., Estes, J., & Jubinski, D. (2014).  Our Benchmark is Better than your benchmark: The Case of the Municipal Bond Market.   Journal of Financial Planning, 27 (7), 50-59.

Chen, H., Chua, A., & Jin, C. (2013).  Analysts Forecasting Errors in REITs.   International Real Estate Review, 16 (1), 48-67.

Chen, H., Estes, J., & Ngo, T. (2011).  Tax-Calendar Effects in the Municipal Bond Market: Tax-loss Selling and Cherry Picking by Investors and Market Timing by Fund Managers.   Financial Review, 46 (4), 703-721.

Chen, H. & Chua, A. (2011).  The Turn-of-the-Month Anomaly in the Age of ETFs: A Reexamination of Return-Enhancement Strategies.   Journal of Financial Planning, 24 (4), 62-67.

Chen, H. & Estes, J. (2010).  A Monte Carlo Study of the Strategies for 401(k) Plans: Dollar-Cost-Averaging, Value-Averaging, and Proportional Rebalancing.   Financial Services Review, 19 (2), 95-109.

Chen, H. & Estes, J. (2008).  Diversification, Expenses, And Performance For 401(K) Plans: A Monte Carlo Study Of The Blended Six Index Funds Approach.   Journal of Financial and Economic Practice, 9 (1), 13-25.

Chen, H., Estes, J., & Richey, G. (2008).  Political Influences on Dow Jones Industrial Average Index Returns: Perception and Reality.   International Journal of Business Research, 8 (1), 119-124.



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