Nicole Cundiff

Dr. Nicole Cundiff

Director, Business Administration Program
Associate Professor, Business Administration
Faculty Advisor, Students Offering Leadership Development (SOLD)
Office 225E, Bunnell Building
(907) 474-5401

Curriculum Vitae


2010 PhD Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Applied Psychology

2007 MA Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Applied Experimental Psychology

2005 MBA Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Management

2002 BA Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Psychology (Marketing minor)

Recent Publications

Choi, S. B., Cundiff, N. L., Kim, K., & Akhatib, S. N. (2018). The Effect of Work-family Conflict and Job Insecurity on Innovative Behavior of Korean Workers: The Mediating Role Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction. International Journal of Innovation Management, 22.

Kim, K., Cundiff, N. L., & Choi, S. B. (2015). Emotional Intelligence and Negotiation Outcomes: Mediating Effects of Rapport, Negotiation Strategy, and Judgment Accuracy. Group Decision and Negotiation, 24, 477-493.

Kim, K., Cundiff, N. L., & Choi, S. B. (2014). The influence of Emotional Intelligence on Negotiation Outcomes and the Mediating Effect of Rapport: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach. Negotiation Journal, 30(1), 49-68.

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