Associated Students of Business (ASB)

Associated Students of Business (ASB) is a student organization encompassing all majors in the School of Management. Members also include the School of Management's alumni and honorary associates from the Fairbanks business community. ASB affiliation offers expansive potential and many golden opportunities to all of its members through participation, contribution, and networking. Students develop professional abilities, organizational skills, communication tools, and analytical proficiency.

The purpose of the ASB is to:

  • provide a means for cooperative efforts between students, faculty, and the business community;
  • offer opportunities for individuals to develop their character, abilities, and personality;
  • provide executive and leadership training through interaction within the organization;
  • offer practical education in business through professional programs and activities sponsored by this organization;
  • promote courses leading to degrees in business administration, accounting, economics, and related fields.

Projects and Activities

  • Guest speakers from the Alaskan business community
  • Organizing and producing the Business Leader of the Year event
  • Community volunteer activities
  • Fundraising

Contact Info

For more information, contact ASB at

Faculty Co-Advisor: Jim Arkell
Office: 219B Bunnell Building
Phone: (907) 474-7916

Faculty Co-Advisor: Dr. Joshua Lupinek
Office: 213E Bunnell Building
Phone: (907) 474-5183

ASB Office: 219F Bunnell Building
ASB Phone: (907) 474-6491

ASB Facebook Page

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