Welcome to the UAF-SOM Virtual Reality Lab

The UAF School of Management Virtual Reality Lab is at the forefront of virtual reality research. The mission of the lab is to house researchers from all disciplines as they develop experimental uses for virtual reality equipment. For more information on the lab, current studies, or for more information on how your can be involved please contact Dr. Josh Lupinek via the information provided below.

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Research team

  • Dr. Peggy Keiper - Director

  • Myha Cortez - VR Coordinator

  • Sean McGee - VR Coordinator

  • Ben Walker - OIT Technical Specialist

  • Mike Harrington - Technical Advisor

  • Jesse Kaczmarski - Graduate Researcher

  • Hannah Briar - Undergraduate Researcher

  • Myha Cortez - Undergraduate Researcher

  • Craig Fleener - Undergraduate Researcher

  • Alex Kindred - Undergraduate Researcher

  • Pierce Sandberg - Undergraduate Researcher

  • Michael Murphy - Tok Community Advisor

  • Pieradora Tremblay - Ft. Yukon Community Advisor

UAF campus during summer near Bunnell building

Location descriptions

Fairbanks, AK

The goal of the SOM VR Lab is to outfit the latest virtual reality equipment for academic and experimental use. The SOM VR Lab also facilitates student research projects. Current student interests include "flow experience" through immersive VR viewership and brand selection/recall of VR advertising space using eye tracking technology.

Current Projects:

  • Virtual Reality Eye Tracking: Measuring the Impact of Advertising Placement in Streaming VR Content
  • Virtual Reality and Rural Alaskan Health: How the intervention of virtual reality fitness bikes impacts the One Health spectrum
  • Leveraging Virtual Reality Technology to Support Alaska Economic Development: Examining the Market Potential of Alaska Native Raised Reindeer

UAF Tok Center
Tok, AK

The goal of this project is to conduct pilot research relating to the health impact of virtual reality gaming on rural Alaskan communities.


UAF Yukon Flats Center
Ft. Yukon, AK

The goal of this project is to conduct community outreach and pilot research development relating to the health impact that virtual reality fitness equipment can have as a substance abuse treatment in a rural Alaskan community.