Why should I join SSS?

What is SSS?

Student Support Services is a Federal TRiO program. TRiO Programs are outreach and student services programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. TRiO includes eight programs, including Student Support Services, Upward Bound, and Educational Talent Search. Individuals.

Benefits for Students

Graduating student~Opportunities for academic development

~Assistance with basic college requirements

~Encouragement to stay in school

~Motivation to complete a bachelor's degree

Program Services

Tutor with studentThese services are free of charge to participants

Comprehensive academic advising and mentoring - We can address both academic and personal concerns in order to help you reach your educational goals.

Tutorial services - Our peer and professional tutors are certified through the College Reading and Learning Association.

Supplemental math skills instruction - The SSS math coordinator works with small groups of students to help them succeed and advance to the next level of mathematics.

Instruction in basic study skills - SSS assists students as they develop study skills by offering various types of instruction.

Laptop and technology loan program - This program offers access to educational resources.

Direct financial assistance to qualified low-income participants - Each semester SSS awards grant aid to eligible applicants.

Opportunities for cultural and social engagement - SSS students are invited to participate in a variety of social and cultural activities.

Printing and copying of academic materials - Students involved in SSS may print and copy academic materials free of charge.

Financial literacy - We can assist students with researching, applying for, and understanding the financial resources and assistance available.