Tutoring Center

SSS tutoring is available virtually this semester.  In-person tutoring may happen as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

See the tutoring schedule below for available times and tutors. To make tutoring appointments, please call 474-6844, or schedule directly through SSS Blackboard.  Additional campus resources can be found HERE

When to see a tutor:

  • You feel you are beginning to fall behind
  • You want to discuss concepts and ideas
  • You need help with homework
  • You need to study for a quiz or test
  • You want to improve your study skills and habits

Do's! (Before You See a Tutor)

~Read class syllabus. Do you understand the requirements for the class?

~Visit your instructor during office hours; ask your questions and discuss your concerns.

~Read assigned chapters and review your class notes. If something is not clear, mark it or write it down to discuss with your tutor. Be specific. General statements like, "I didn't get it" are a waste of your tutoring time.

~Do your homework BEFORE the tutoring session as much as you can and bring specific questions and problems to your tutor.

~Be familiar with the material you will be working on before using tutoring. It will maximize the effectiveness of your tutoring time.

What to bring to a tutoring session:

  • Textbooks
  • Notes
  • Past quizzes or tests
  • Class Syllabus
  • Homework
  • Troubled workbook problems and your questions


~Do not expect your tutor to do homework for you. Tutors are only there to help you learn how to do your homework. Learning is a process; if you do not do your own homework you do not learn!

~Do not expect that a tutor will reteach the course for you. Tutors are not instructors.

~Do not expect that a tutor will readily give you all the answers. Tutor's job is to help you find them.

~Do not wait until the day before a test to get help. You do yourself a disservice by not preparing ahead. Learning takes time, effort, and planning.