The History of Sustainability at UAF

  • 2004 –  Sustainable Campus Task Force (SCTF) organizes first Annual Sustainable Living Conference.
  • Spring 2008 – Students in NRM 430 class under leadership of Susan Todd prepare a first draft of a UAF campus sustainability plan.
  • July 2008 – Chancellor’s Sustainability Transition Team develops recommendations for UAF Campus Sustainability based on 9 categories: Energy, Transportation, Purchasing, Waste Management, Built Environment, Food, Education and Curriculum, Social Sustainability and Institutions. 
  • Spring 2009 – Students vote in favor of $20/semester fee to pay for programs and initiatives to make UAF a more sustainable and energy efficient campus.
  • Fall 2009 – Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability and Energy (RISE) Board created in order to maximize the use of SIREN fee. The board already has a long list of projects.
  • Spring 2010 – Student Initiative for Sustainable Energy Now (SIREN) fee up and running.
  • Fall 2010 – First UAF Sustainability Director hired.
  • Fall 2010 – Office of Sustainability established.

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