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Spring 2000 Department/Lab Support Process


TO: To All Department Heads
FROM: Marshall Lind, Chancellor
University of Alaska Fairbanks
DATE: March 22, 2000
SUBJECT: TAB Departmental Computer/Technology Lab Support Proposal Process


The Technology Advisory Board (TAB) feels there are four major areas that require support at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to provide students access to technology at a level on par with other universities:

1. Innovative Technology and Education

2. Departmental Computer/Technology Lab support

3. Open Computer Lab accessibility

4. Computer and Networking infrastructure

The original mission of TAB was to increase the availability of innovative technology and education. However, TAB also understands that with decreasing revenues from lost tuition and little state support, TAB must help support these other areas to some extent in order to maximize the results we wish to achieve.

With this in mind, TAB has developed an allocation scheme that distributes student technology fees into these four areas.

Innovative technology and education: This is the normal TAB proposal process that has been in place since TAB's inception.

Departmental/Specific Use Lab support: A new proposal process will allocate a portion of TAB funds to support all Departmental Computing/Technology Labs that apply. While there will be no set formula, factors such as number of students majoring in the department, and courses that utilize the lab will be taken into consideration.

Open Computer Lab accessibility (extended hours): TAB will allocate a certain amount of money to support open labs that desire to stay open for extended hours late at night or on weekends.

Open Computer Lab support: TAB will allocate a certain amount of money to support maintenance of open lab computers and infrastructure in order to provide students with consistent and dependable access in the open computer labs. Note TAB considers the following labs as open labs - Bunnell, The Node, Noyes, and Chapman Lab.

Currently, TAB would like to announce the Departmental Lab Support Proposal process. Every year, during the spring semester, TAB will solicit from each department a request for departmental computer/technology lab funds for the following fiscal year. Once awarded these funds can be used in any manner the department feels will best benefit the computer/technology lab. Examples include the upgrade/replacement of lab computers, technician staffing, or new/updated peripherals.

TAB will award money generally based on demand and demonstrated use. Statistics such as number of students in the department (no need to provide - TAB has access to this data) and number of courses taught in the lab will weigh heavily in TAB's decision.

Please note some stipulations TAB has placed on this money:

1) All money received from this award must be used to directly support the lab. Applications for support in the following year will include an itemized report for purchases using previously awarded funds.

2) Computer labs cannot be co-owned by departments. Two departments cannot request separate funds for the same computer lab. However, two departments may submit one proposal together. Each department must directly benefit and use the computer lab. Appropriate documentation to prove this must be provided (e.g. courses taught by both departments). In addition, the proposal must state who will ultimately received the funds to manage the lab.

TAB would like to distribute these funds to departments at the beginning of the fiscal year. In order to expedite the process TAB requests all applications for departmental support be submitted by April 14, 2000.

The application should be very descriptive and must include at least the following items:

  1. A description of the computer lab
    1. Location
    2. Contact information — who is in charge?
    3. Number of computers — segregrate by type and be specific as to performance.
    4. Hours of operation.
    5. Is this a staffed lab? Locked? What is the role of the staff?
    6. Peripherals? Printers? Scanners?
  1. Description of computer usage
    1. Usage statistics - if not available, please develop and present some strategy to calculate usage for subsequent reports.
    2. What do students generally use this lab for (when courses are not being taught)?
  1. Description of courses taught in the lab. (For each course)
    1. How does the course use and benefit from the computer lab.
    2. What percentage of the course uses the computer lab.
    3. Do students use lab at other times for course related activities?
  1. Planned budget and justification for usage of next fiscal year's needs.
  1. Any fees charged by your department for use of the technology — this could include course fees or general lab usage fees. How is this money used to directly benefit the computer/technology lab?

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