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Proposal Title Automatic grinder/polisher (MetaServ 250) upgrade   Contact Name Yanhong Gu
Proposal Author Yanhong Gu   Contact Email
Area Department/Specific Use Lab Support   Contact Phone 907-799-0308
Amount Reqested 4471.85   Group/Department Department of Mechanical engineering
Year Spring 2011   College College of Engineering and Mines
Proposal Summary
We request $4,471.85  to purchase a power head and additional supplies
including diamond wafering blades and abrasive papers for existing Buehler MetaServ 250 Grinder Polisher.

The Vector LC 250 Power Head is an economical option to convert the MetaServ 250 Grinder-Polisher into a semi-automatic single force preparation system.

We need this equipment to make the material's lab functional.

Budget detail: Requested from TAB Provided by Unit Total Cost
Personnel $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Contractual Services (Installation/Training) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Supplies $645 $645 $645
(Hardware & software)
$3726.85 $3726.85 $3726.85
Shipping Costs $100 $100 $100
TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED $4471.85 $4471.85 $4471.85

Justification for any personnel or supplies requested:
We are requesting the purchase of a power head and according supplies for the MetaServ 250 grinder/polisher.

We are currently teaching three courses, ME 334 Elements of Material Science/Engineering, ME 634 Advanced Materials Engineering and ME 487 senior design. These courses focus on the study of the materials. In these courses, we demonstrate how the material samples can be ground and polished by using the grinder before the material samples are conducted with micro-structure analysis. We explain in the courses why the grinder/polisher is capable of treating the surface of the material sample.

However, the grinder we have now is operated manually, so it is low-efficient, frustrating and even hard for students to control samples in higher speed. The efficiency will be enhanced if we have the power head to realize semi-automatic. The grinding process is improved when installed with the "power-head." It allows you to receive electronic display of the exact amount of material being removed.
Describe who will benefit in terms of numbers of students and classes:
All UAF undergraduate students in mechanical engineering
would benefit from this additional equipment. Graduate
students who do materials research would also benefit.

We are currently teaching:
ME 334 Elements of Material Science/Engineering:
30-45 students/year
ME 634 Advanced Materials Engineering:
12-15 students/year
ME 487 senior design:
30-35 students/year

We are currently doing the research on:
1. Ceramic materials for biomedical or microelectronic applications;
2. Applications to processing (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Membranes, Reliability of Microelectronics, Powder Metallurgy, Compaction and Sintering, Metal Forming)
How does your proposal fit into UAF strategic goals and objectives?:
The first UAF's strategic goals, Teaching and Learning for Student Success, stresses that we should provide "Enhance technology, support services and facilities for instruction and learning", this equipment would do this and enable even better opportunities.
Outline the implementation schedule and staff responsible for the implementation and oversight:
Materials research of certain areas contribute to a more sustainable energy systems. Ceramics are currently utilized in fuel cell and solar panel development. Having state of the art equipment allows students to take part in this ongoing endeavor.

Schedule: Order equipment in April 2011. Installation requires six bolts to install the automatic power head to the existing grinder-polisher. Students can then begin using the equipment in May 2011.
Please specify the building (with room numbers, if appropriate) where the technology will be stored, installed or used:
Duckering Building Room 340

Items Description
# of Units Unit Price Total Price
VECTOR LC 250, 115V 1 2,987.75 2,987.75
SPEC HOLDER, SINGLE 1.25" X 4 1 261.25 261.25
APEX M, 8" MAGNETIC DISC 1 38.95 38.95
APEX B, 8" BIMETALLIC PLATE 4 85.50 342.00
Abrasive papers 50 3 150
Diamond wafering blade 3 165 495
Shipping 1 100 100
Total     $4471.85

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