User Forum Notes for 7-27-18

These are Faustine’s notes from this users forum.  Please add any additional items that I missed.  I added additional comments in blue to help determine how to move forward.  Please add your comments in a different color and we can make sure we have a solid plan. If you are going to research an item and add it to the order sheet, please note that.  Thanks!

General/common use procurement

  1. More pitcher for sauna - not enough for peak season, broken ones. Faustine added to the order list

  2. Hole punch and paper cutter in the shipping center. Faustine added to the order list

  3. Shipping supplies stocked in the shipping center. Faustine/Travis will get more details on needs from Kate LB who commented, and talk to Travis to order/re-order

General requests

  1. Put deadbolt locks on all towers to let people know when someone is in there - have vacant/in use locks everywhere Jeb, can you look into this?

  2. Get rid off the scroll screen with announcement (reported twice) - comments: distracting, using energy for no reason, whiteboard works just fine, etc I think that once we have real time data (weather, etc) users might find it more useful? Maybe we could ask what people would want to see on there. Also, might be a way to shut screens off at night time, so they aren’t on all the time.  Randy: I completely disagree.  Advertising station’s UAS policy would be tough to accomplish on white board, for example.  Turn off at night seems reasonable.  Community white board during peak season is a hodge-podge mess of announcements, random art, Lost&Found items.  Any important information would get lost in the noise.   Brett: The feedback at 6/27 forum was positive, with people asking for more information on them  

  3. Boardwalks need to be repaired by CPS right before the bridge and beyond the bridge. Safety issue, CPS should be tasked. Jeb, is that something your team can do, or should we task CPS?  Randy: Toolik has/had a boardwalk committee, headed by Stuckey, to coordinate such tasks.

  4. New tower stairs: very loud for the bedroom that’s directly adjacent to stairs. These new toilets are often used. Ideally stairs would be on the other side and not connected to the building. Suggestions?  A very small gap (<1”) would keep the vibration from being transferred to the building. --GLH

  5. People should go to the Cotton Grass bathroom from the main entrance side. Most people come from back early in the morning and waking people up. Could add a sign to make sure people use the main entrance

  6. Fix printers, especially the one in shipping/receiving is jamming all the time Jeb, can you look into fixing the issue?

Food service

  1. “The kitchen staff is awesome” Keep up the good work (and food)!

Other comments 

  1. Update info on the website, especially lab space and info to users

  2. Add general checklist to remind people what to bring (personal vs science) on website

  3. Would be nice to have dressers in all rooms in ATCO 5 and 6. Would be also nice to have mirrors. Maybe add some shelving. That is something that we can probably do ourselves. I would definitely agree that it would be helpful to have at the very least shelves in the ATCOs. Jeb - add to the off season list?

  4. In general as more building come online, or old ones get remodeled, there are ways to make space more functional and that allow more privacy. I have (Faustine) feedback to provide from previous experience

  5. Access roads potholes: Can we address to DOT to fix road, as they come to get water and we also feed them. Maybe catch them when they are here. Need to prepare a list of “requests” (reduce speed on driveway, how can they help us?). Should we discuss with someone higher up to get good understanding of what they could/not do? 

  6. Have updated maps that have names of common names of areas, in camp and outside of the camp (for example, P-loop, names/nicknames of buildings, fog lakes, local knowledge, etc) and post them. Randy/Jason - is that something you could help with? We can discuss for more details.  Randy: GIS is happy to put together map with info users submit.  Let’s chat.

  7. Sign out board: Encourage people to list locations better, because several people call an area a different way. For example, Sag 1 is wrongly used by a multitude of people. Maybe think of zones? Subdivide the map in zones that people would use to sign out. Safety issue. I added to the leads meeting agenda. We can come up with ideas before implementing. Randy: sounds like a job for a MAP!

  8. South door to the library in the community center is hard to open/close. Jeb, could you add this to your list?

Road etiquette driving: important to re-emphasize all the time to users Randy: sounds like a job for the TV scrolls in the Dining Hall!