User Forum Notes for 8-15-18

These are Faustine’s notes from this users forum.  Please add any additional items that I missed.  I added additional comments in blue to help determine how to move forward.  Please add your comments in a different color and we can make sure we have a solid plan. If you are going to research an item and add it to the order sheet, please note that.  Thanks!

Attendees: Donie, Chad, Faustine, Jason D., Faye, Jeremy May, Matthew Simon, Seth Beaudreault, Colin Edgar, Jim Laundre

General requests:

  1. More shelves in rooms - Maintenance team: something that keeps coming back. We should consider adding shelves in ATCO and weatherports rooms

  2. Science library would be nice to have with scientific literature and guides, geology, etc. Chad said some literature is available in the staff office.

  3. Art show to display the gifts that were made for July 25. And give prizes for the best ones by votes. Good suggestions for next year.

  4. More coat hangers in the DH entryway. And “thank you, you are all the best”- Stevie, could we order - Swap underused shelf into a wire shelf that can be used to dry hats/gloves better. Also add hooks, or have a pole with a lot of hangers to allow for more space 

  5. New battery powered speakers for bonfire night. Jason D says it is not a good idea, because people do not always take it back inside, and so it gets ruined quickly. 

  6. Small “do not burn” buckets in tower for feminine products and applicators - FOAs, could you please work on this and order buckets as needed?

  7. Internet access/wifi in new ATCO not good or not good working. Travis put in wifi booster but that does not work. It seems like there are more areas around the pad where wifi is not functioning (north side of lab 4 for example). We need to do a wireless assessment. Wifi is too spotty in some places. OIT? 

Common use equipment/procurement: 

  1. EDC should get a greenseeker, They are around $700 to $800. I have not received request for these type of sensors, but maybe if they know that we have it, they will use it.

  2. Lazer range finder. Faustine checked with NEON if they can spare one small range finder. They already donated the ones they do not need. Colin - could you look into what you’d need, so we can add to our order list?  I will email several options to Seth and management. Update: GIS has one unit that can be made common use equipment. Talk to Jason!

  3. We need better printers at Toolik in the staff office and the labs/common spaces - the ones here keep jamming, really old, some don’t even connect to the network anymore. With scanning capabilities that can scan multiple pages and both sides. Could check at UAF if some departments have fairly recent printers that they want to get rid off - Brett, do we have a budget to replace printers at Toolik and Fairbanks?  The large office machines will require a specific budget, due to large price tag. But it is budget season, so this is good timing. Skye is checking with IAB to see what arrangements they have.  We can identify some pricing and come up with a plan.  Traditionally those machines have come south and been sent to Arctic Office for full tune-ups every few years, but if we are hoping for different capabilities we can definitely look at new ones.  

  4. 3D printer (under supervision), not a priority… But could be nice. Standby for now. Normal printers are a priority

  5. New drying oven? Some are getting really old - Need to do an inventory of aging ones, and then propose replacement options

  6. Lab 4: outlets starting to not work. Windows leaking and affecting electrical in wet lab. Faustine added to CPS list to discuss next week. Outlets in Lab 2 also are not working well, I had to reset the breakers twice on this summer.  Reset of gfci outlets on wall in Lab 2 doesn’t really indicate a problem, as it could easily be caused by user error or faulty electrical equipment being plugged in -GLH.  

  7. Phone in computer/shipping lab does not work. Also phone in lab 2 should be replaced - Jeb, could you please look into this and replacing the unit if it’s dead?  Let’s get a list of all phones that need replacing and we can work with OIT to get replacements this winter.  We will make sure an additional polycom is part of this.  It sounds like the new version of wireless phones are a bust though?

  8. ATCO 2 has leaks inside. Maintenance plans to re-level the buildings, will see what that does to current issues. Added to CPS list


  1. More cinnamon rolls were requested-Call your Mom-LCB

  2. Saddened by loss of grapefruit juices and the cans of tree top grape-apple juice. RETRACTED! Juice is back!  Unfortunately, the canned apple and variety juices have been discontinued.  They are not available from either purveyor.  Grapefruit juice will remain out there.  All other juice options come in either very small cans like the V8 or in plastic bottles.  I’m not going to order them in plastic so we will have to live without.-LCB

  3. Everyone present would like to thank the kitchen staff.  Thanks!! LCB

Other comments and discussions: 

  1. “You are all awesome” was one of the comments in the box

  2. we also talked about shoe-off policy, or come up with something to reduce the amount of mud? Might be worth looking into it?

  3. Jim: Common use bicycles are rarely available - Chad mentioned that they are about to buy a few more. Evaluating what kinds of bikes, etc. Should have money to buy bikes. Faustine: Possible to have a manager bike? The current one is too big, and in use most of the time when I am on site

  4. Jim: mud hole behind the community center where the washing station used to be needs to be scrapped and cleaned. Colin seconds that comment - Let’s assess the situation, we may need to first scoop up as much mud as possible, and then add/cover with gravel.Maintenance or anyone skilled with loader: Could you please do this? 

  5. Colin: Thankful to have the legacy vehicles to work well. Thanks maintenance. 

  6. Colin: Some basic EMT supplies were missing, etc. Seems to be a problem every year, and hope that this can be resolved with the new EMT/safety position. Were low in supplies especially May/June. Faustine will talk with Jenna about re-supplies

  7. Donie: Thanks Faustine  for helping with twisted ankle. 

  8. Jeremy May: Concerns about staging of CPS boardwalk materials on the tundra. Others have express this as well. Toolik will discuss plans with CPS. Greater communications on activities is important in the future. 

  9. Jim: Common use boardwalk: Is more going to be built? One suggestion is going to the new NAPD site, but one of his sites is there, so need to be some collaboration

  10. What is going to happen to the old boardwalk at Imnavait Creek? Can it be placed in low use common areas?