Core Training

Update in Required Training

In an effort to lessen your time commitment and provide timely feedback on your training results, the basic safety training modules have been updated, and reduced from 8 PowerPoint modules to 5, while still providing all pertinent safety information for UAF employees.

Intelex and Skillsoft will no longer be used for basic safety training.

If you have already completed the basic safety training, you are not required to take the new PowerPoint safety training. If you have not completed the Hazard Communication GHS training that was due December 2013, you are still required to complete this training. 

UAF Policy 04.07.010 - Required Training

 Track all required trainings for your new employees:

UAF Safety Training
Click here for required safety trainings for all UAF employees.

Department Emergency Action Plan (DEAP)
Required safety training to be completed by all UAF employees; Department specific, talk to your supervisor.

 UAF Title IX Training  
Click here for required Title IX training for UAF employees and students.


Required Training for Supervisors

Supervising for Success - Required for all UAF Supervisors

Supervisory Training Policy

Supervising for Success Training

Bullying Awareness Training - Required for All UAF Supervisors

Bullying Awareness Training Policy

Bullying Awareness Training

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