Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is TED?
    Ted is not a person, but rather a clever acronym for Training and Employee Development. Maybe we'll make a mascot!
  • What training is required for every UAF employee?
    We're glad you asked! This information can be found on the Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management website.
  • I'm a supervisor. What training do I need to complete?
    The UAF Supervising for Success training program is comprised of 3 modules:
    1.   Setting the Stage
    2.   Effective Hiring
    3.   Managing Employees

    These modules need to be taken in order since modules 2 and 3 build on the information in the previous modules. Classes are taught by UAF HR and EEO personnel along with guest speakers from other UA/UAF departments.
    UAF supervisors are required to complete all 3 modules every 3 years.

  • Which trainings do I need to sign up for? How do I sign up?
    The UAF Supervising for Success course, offered through Blackboard, currently requires an email request to HR for anyone wishing to enroll. Please send your request to and you will be signed up for the coursework.

    At this time, Bullying Awareness Training, also through Blackboard, allows you to enroll yourself. Eventually we hope to provide this option for our Supervising for Success training as well. 

More coming soon!

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