The Troth Yeddha' park and center will establish a new level of excellence and academic focus on Alaska Native cultures and indigenous studies at UAF.

  • The Troth Yeddha’ Legacy builds on UAF entities such as the Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development and the Tribal Management and Native Arts programs.
  • The facilities will provide critical space for oral history collections, Native art galleries and education conferences, as well as for scholars and researchers.
  • With connections to research institutes and an exceptional indigenous studies doctoral program at UAF, theTroth Yeddha’ facilities will form an academic center distinct from other establishments that celebrate AlaskaNative cultures.

The park and studies center will create a welcoming place and a physical sense of belonging for Alaska Native students and visitors, as well as people of all cultures.

  • Expanding upon its decades of work in indigenous studies, the university will create a place singularly focused on Alaska’s first peoples.
  • Design elements of the park and indigenous studies center will welcome visitors and celebrate Alaska Native peoples’ spiritual ties to the animal, plant and physical worlds. The setting, between the UA Museum of the North and the Reichardt Building, will provide an inspiring location for gatherings and performances.
  • Troth Yeddha’ will infuse Alaska’s rich cultural history into our contemporary research institution and create a legacy for students in generations to come.
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