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Full Route to Approval

Route to Approval for Academic Course/Program Submissions (PDF)

NOTE: CourseLeaf has replaced most paper submissions and are routed automatically through the appropriate workflow.  For a list of paper forms still accepted and the CourseLeaf links click HERE.  

  1. Item is prepared by individual faculty member, department head, etc., in CourseLeaf or using the appropriate paper forms.  The submission will be sent to the department head(s) for approval.
  2. If approved by the department head(s), the request is sent to the respective College/School Curriculum Council(s).  
  3. If approved by the College/School Curriculum Council(s), the request is sent to the respective dean/director.
  4. If the proposal needs further approval, it will be sent to the UAF Governance Office to be distributed to the appropriate Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee.
  5. There will be a ten-day waiting period for the solicitation of comments or objections prior to review by the appropriate Faculty Senate Curriculum committee. Comments and objections will be forwarded to the originating department for discussion with the objecting department and/or the appropriate Faculty Senate Curriculum committee.  
    • The Graduate Academic & Advisory Committee will review graduate programs and graduate level course offerings and all professional degree courses and programs, including 500-level courses.
    • The Curriculum Review Committee will review substantive undergraduate course and program additions, changes, and deletions.
    • The GER & Core Committee reviews and approves course submitted by the appropriate college/school curriculum councils for the inclusion in the GER curriculum.  
    • The Full Faculty Senate will review Program Deletion requests and New Degree Program requests after the appropriate committee(s) (Curriculum Review, Curricular Affairs, or Graduate Academic& Advisory Committee).
  6. Proposed academic changes approved by the Faculty Senate or Faculty Senate Committee will be forwarded to the Chancellor's Office (or designee, routinely the Provost).
  7. The Chancellor's Office has 30 days after receipt to review and approved/disapprove the submission.  The submission will then be returned to the Governance Office and Provost's Office. 
  8. The Governance Office notifies academic deans and departments and the Registrar's office of approvals/disapprovals.  
  9. Item becomes effective when it is included in the next UAF catalog (except for Special Topics and Trial Courses which appear only in class schedules until approved as permanent courses.  Summer Sessions courses appear in their own catalog. 
  10. New programs and deleted programs are forwarded by the Provost's Office to the Statewide Academic Council for approval and submission to the UA President and Board of Regents, and a prospectus is then sent to the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).  
    • New programs cannot be advertised, offered, listed, or enroll students prior to NWCCU approval. 
    • New minors and occupational endorsements are approved by the Chancellor and do not go to the BoR for approval.
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