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Major vs. Minor Changes to Courses and Programs:

  • What course changes qualify as Minor?
    • Changing the frequency of offering
    • Minor editorial changes or corrections; e.g., title, course description
    • Cross-listing current courses (starting with an already existing course)
    • Stacking courses is NOT a minor change
    • Course number changes that do not affect upper or lower division status
    • Changing repeatability for credit
  • What course changes qualify as Major?
    • Changing the number of credits and / or the credit distribution of the course
    • Changing from upper to lower division status, or vice versa (see Appendix C in the Manual)
    • Stacking courses
    • Changing prerequisites
    • Changing or adding to the formats offered for the course; i.e., adding or removing a lab, practicum or internship
    • Dropping a course which will no longer be taught in the future
  • What program changes qualify as Major vs. Minor?
    • Changing a degree program name is a Major change
    • Changing the degree requirements is a Major change
    • Changing course credit requirements is a Major change. (An associated Major Course Change submission should be made.)
    • Changing or correcting program descriptions is a Minor change. Such minor editorial changes will also be accepted on Catalog proofs
    • Adding newly created course options to course lists under degree requirements is a Minor change, as long as overall degree requirements have not been changed
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