The UAF Faculty Senate passed the following at its Meeting #125 on November 1, 2004:


Upon recommendation of the Curricular Affairs, Faculty Appeals & Oversight, and the Unit Criteria Committees, the UAF Faculty Senate moves to establish a Policy on the Identification and Use of Invalid Academic Degrees.

EFFECTIVE:            Immediately

RATIONALE:           Preservation of UAF’s integrity as a degree-granting institution is very important.  A significant aspect of UAF’s academic integrity is the assurance that UAF students, staff, faculty, and administrators only claim possession of valid academic degrees.  In the last decade, unregulated degree 'suppliers' have become rampant.   Definition and regulation of the use of invalid academic degrees and academic credits at UAF is therefore necessary.

Reputable organizations exist that research and evaluate the quality of academic oversight for degree suppliers and publish lists of accredited degree-granting institutions and non-accredited degree suppliers.  For UAF to create its own ‘degree evaluation’ program is neither necessary nor worthwhile.  Rather, UAF should depend on outside agencies for such evaluations.

Reputable organizations include: