Letter Explanation
ffailed Senate/Review Committee
+disapproved in part by Committee
#amended by Sen./Review Committee
aapproved by Chancellor's office
paction pending from Chancellor's Office
taction tabled by Senate
waction withdrawn
*modified by Chancellor's Office
!disapproved by Chancellor's Office
-no signature/action required
oapproved; no objection received from Chancellor's Office
rreferred to Committee

Withdrawal        Student withdrawels from courses and faculty-initiated withdrawels

FY89 Amend policy on withdrawal. (a) Meeting #07 Resolution of intent-inform instructor of withdrawal of student in timely manner. () Meeting #07 FY93 Amend policy on student-initiated course withdrawels. (a) Meeting #42 FY94 Modification to amended policy on student-initiated course withdrawels. (a*) Meeting #43
Amend policy on faculty-initiated withdrawels of students from courses. (a#) Meeting #48 FY95 Modification to deadlines for add/drop, withdrawel, credit/audit, and
freshman low grade reports. (a) Meeting #59
FY97 Proposed amendments to withdrawal & NB grade. (Referred to Curricular Affairs & distributed to UAF community.) (r) Meeting #ac97 Motion on student-initiated withdrawal and elimination of NB grade--TABLED. (t) Meeting #66 Motion on continue the tabling of the Withdrawal/No Basis grade issue until the December meeting. (-) Meeting #67 Amend the policies on student- and faculty-initiated withdrawels and related grading
policies for "I" and "NB" grades. (a) Meeting #68