Outstanding Staff Council Achievement Award

Outstanding Staff Council Achievement Award

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Open March 1 - March 31.

2018 Award will be presented at Staff Council Meeting #292, on June 12, 2018
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Original UAF Staff Council Motion Establishing the Annual OSC Award (May 2003)
(Includes Original Motion, Chancellor's Approval, Award Objective, Eligibility, Implementation and Officer Responsibilities)

The Outstanding Staff Council Achievement Award annually recognizes UAF Staff Council representatives and other staff governance participants for significant contributions towards Staff Council's mission made during the closing academic year.

All UAF Staff Council Representatives and other participants involved with UAF Staff Council committees are eligible for recognition. 

Nominations are accepted each spring.  A link to the online nomination form will be posted here during the time that nominations are being accepted.  Contact the Staff Council Office for more details at 474-7964.

You must be a current UAF Staff Council President, Vice President, or Representative in order to submit an nomination.

The Staff Council President and Vice President are NOT eligible for this award.  Nominations submitted for the President or Vice President will be discarded.


2017 - Chris Brooks

2016 - Trish Winners

2015 - Jeff Baxter

2014 Robin Weinant

2013 - Brad Krick

2012 - Walker Wheeler

2011 - Juella Sparks

2010 - Ashley Munro

2009 - Brad Havel

2008 - Holly Royce

2007 - Jackie Alleyne-McCants

2007 - Katrina Paul

2006 - Leah Swasey

2006 - Pam Twitchell

2005 - Barbara Oleson

2005 - Gary Newman

2004 - Liam Forbes

2004 - Angela Linn


For more information contact:

UAF Staff Council Office
314 Signers' Hall
PO Box 757500
Fairbanks, AK 99775
(907) 474-7964

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