Executive Board

Current Chair: Mathew Mund

The Executive Committee is one of six permanent Staff Council Committees.  This committee was formerly known as the Administrative Committee. It was renamed in May 2015. According to Staff Council Bylaws, this board is structured as follows:


Section 5. A. I.  Executive Board
a. The Vice-President shall be the chairperson.
b. Other members of the committee shall be:
1. Chairpersons of the permanent committees.
2. President of Staff Council
3. Past President of Staff Council as an ex-officio member
4. Special appointments of the President or Vice President.
c. The committee shall have the following responsibilities:
1. Prepare for approval the draft agenda for Staff Council meetings
2. Report on any activities taken on behalf of Staff Council at the next scheduled Staff Council meeting
3. Represent and act on behalf of the Staff Council between Staff
Council meetings
d. The chairperson of the committee may establish subcommittees for specific issues.
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