Responsibilities of Staff Serving on External Committees

UAF Staff Council has a limited number of seats on 'external committees,' which are committees owned by other organizations and groups.  These include two primary types:

  1. 'External UAF Committees'  - Committees owned and run by any  UAF based group other than Staff Council (Example:  UAF Master Planning Committee)
  2. 'External Statewide Committees' - Committees owned and run by a UA Statewide group.  (Example:  UA Staff Alliance's Staff Health Care Committee (SHCC))

    (A complete list of internal committees (owned by UAF Staff Council) and external committees (owned by another group), with the names of current representatives, is available here:

When volunteering to serve as a representative or alternate to an external committee, you serve as the link between ALL UAF staff and that committee.  In doing so, you are agreeing to certain responsibilities and expectations:  


By volunteering to serve as a representative or alternate of UAF Staff Council on any external committee (a committee not owned by Staff Council),  you agree to the following:

  • Represent UAF Staff Council in all committee matters, and not individual interests
  • Keep UAF Staff Council up-to-date on the committee's activities
  • Bring issues and concerns from UAF Staff Council to the committee
  • Collect feedback from Staff Council to assist you with decision making at the committee level
  • Notify the Staff Council Office at least one week prior to a Staff Council meeting if you will need time on the meeting
    agenda to discuss items related to the committee
  • Prior to each Staff Council meeting you will:
  • Submit a written report using the online form  
    Indicate that your committee did not meet since the last Staff Council meeting, using the online report form.
    (This will be coordinated with other UAF representatives and alternates on the committee to submit one report or response per committee.)


  • Representatives are expected to attend all committee meetings
  • If a representative cannot attend a meeting, they shall notify one of UAF Staff Council's alternates on the committee, so that the alternate may attend in their place
  • Representatives who miss meetings shall contact either the committee convener or the other UAF Staff Council representatives or alternates to the committee to receive an update on the missed meeting.
  • Representatives shall work with other UAF Staff Council representatives and alternates on committee to coordinate and submit a committee report prior to each Staff Council meeting.
  • If the committee did not meet recently, that information shall be submitted in place of a report


  • Alternate should work with representatives to ensure that UAF Staff Council is fully represented at ALL committee meetings.
  •  Alternates should remain up to date on the committee's work
  • Alternates attending a committee meeting in place of a representative are responsible for working with the representatives to ensure that a report is submitted to Staff Council.
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