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Staff Council is your opportunity to participate in the shared governance at UAF and contribute to the future of our university!

 Current Staff Council Representatives

A.  Unit Representative Results:

The 2019 Staff Council election has ended. The number of seats in each unit is determined by the number of staff in that unit.  There is one Unit Representative seat for every 50 staff members in a unit, up to a maximum of 4 Unit Representative seats. The newly elected Staff Council Representatives for 2019-2020 are:   

Unit 1: CRCD - Rural Campuses (1 seat)

  • Marie Tozier

Unit 3: SNRAS, CEM, INE, SOM (3 seats)

  • Alda Norris
  • Ryan Smith

Unit 5: GI (4 seats)

  • Frederick Freudenberger
  • David Hill
  • Valerie Rickards

Unit 7: Student Affairs (4 seats)

  • Ramon Galvan
  • Ronnie Houchin
  • Laura Smith
  • Jessica Speed

Unit 9: Chancellor's Unit (2 seats)

  • Christina Johnson

Unit 11: Facilities Services (2 seats)

  • Jennifer Campbell
  • Dean Ojala

Unit 13: Rasmuson Library (1 seat)

  • Becky Butler

Unit 15: OIT (2 seats)

  • Corey Grey
  • Jeff Whiteside

At-Large Representatives (3 seats)

  • Karina Gonzales-Smith
  • Caleb Severn
  • Artem Zhadnov
Staff Council committees do the important work of the Council.  Committee membership is open to all represented staff.  Please contact the chair of a committee if you are interested in being a catalyst for change at UAF.

*Please contact the Governance office uaf-staff-council@alaska.edu if you have any questions about Staff Council or the nominations and elections process.

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