2017 Election


 October 16 - October 30

Votes for the 2017 Staff Council Election will be cast via OrgSync.  An email with the link to the 2017 ballot was emailed to all represented staff on 10/16/17If you did not receive this link, please contact Jessica Armstrong, jjarmstrong4@alaska.edu, 474-7755 and we will work to remedy the situation!

Staff Council is your opportunity to participate in the shared governance at UAF and contribute to the future of our university!

A.  Unit Representative seats:

Voting for the Staff Council even numbered units, listed below, will open October 16.  The number of seats in each unit is determined by the number of staff in that unit.  There is one Unit Representative seat for every 50 staff members in a unit, up to a maximum of 4 Unit Representative seats.   

  • Unit 2   (96 staff, 2 seats):  Community and Technical College (CTC), eLearning, & College of Rural and Community Development (except Rural Campuses)
  • Unit 4   (62 staff, 2 seats):  Institute of Arctic Biology (IAB)
  • Unit 6   (91 staff, 2 seats):  College of Fish and Ocean Sciences (CFOS)
  • Unit 8   (27 staff, 1 seat):    College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
  • Unit 10 (46 staff, 1 seat):    College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM), UA Museum
  • Unit 12 (90 staff, 2 seats):  Administrative Services 
  • Unit 14 (27 staff, 1 seat):      International Arctic Research Center (IARC) 

B.  At-Large Representative seats (3 seats total*): 

At-Large Representatives serve on behalf of ALL UAF staff represented by Staff Council.  

 *Two of these seats are for full two year terms - 1/1/2018 - 12/31/2019, one seat will be filled for a one year term (1/1/2018 - 12/31/2018)


 General Requirements for serving on Staff Council (times listed below or only estimates, actual time commitments may vary):

Representatives are required to attend a monthly meeting (2.5 hours), and join a permanent Staff Council Committee (meets approximately 9 times a year for 1 hour).  Representatives are also expected to maintain an open dialogue with the staff they represent including both distributing information and collecting feedback. 

 Please contact Jessica Armstrong (jjarmstrong4@alaska.edu) if you have any questions about Staff Council or the nominations and elections process.

Additional Election Information

Elections FAQs (pdf)

List of Departments in each Staff Council Unit (pdf)

Current Staff Council Representatives

Staff Council Bylaws

Staff Council Constitution


Election Contact Information:

If you have any questions, comments, or experience problems voting,
contact Elections Committee Chair, Jessica Armstrong, at jjarmstrong4@alaska.edu

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