Mission Statement

HR Mission Statement: HR promotes student and research success by creating innovative programs to hire, develop and retain a quality workforce, and by fostering a campus work environment that includes employee feedback, open communication, personal accountability and respectful interactions.

Administrative Services' Values

The UAF Administrative Services offices work to provide safe and effective operations for students, faculty, staff, visitors and other university constituents. To ensure these users have positive experiences with UAF and our departments, we have adopted these core values. These are the behaviors staff are expected to exemplify.

Value: We foster an environment of trust and accountability.

  • We trust each other enough to be vulnerable and honest about our performance, and hold others accountable for their performance.
  • We welcome, expect, and listen to feedback from our constituents and peers. We offer feedback and empower our peers.
  • We consistently strive to improve our business processes.
  • We recognize that people communicate in many ways.
  • We consistently strive to be transparent in our actions and motives, treat each other with respect and honesty, and willingly accept advice and help.

  • Value: We understand that our “team” is the university and encompasses more than individual departments.

  • We are invested in the success of all University staff and departments as a way to build a healthy team.
  • We understand that to improve service to our constituencies, we have to be willing to change what we have traditionally done or take on new roles.
  • We align our departments in support of the UAF mission and goals.

  • Value: We create the next generation of leaders through a culture of continual learning and development.

  • We provide opportunities for staff to develop both leadership and technical skills.
  • We provide opportunities for learning, mentorship and new roles.

  • Value: We take calculated risks to move UAF forward.

  • We recognize that risk is inherent to every action we take and to do business you have to recognize and accept reasonable risk.
  • We work as team to evaluate risks and support each other through transparency of motives and actions, vulnerability in our self-appraisals, and honesty and helpfulness in our advice.
  • We evaluate our processes to improve the speed of business while recognizing the need for and maintaining necessary controls.
  • When presented with a new opportunity or challenge we approach with a philosophy of “how can we get it done” rather than “we can’t do that”.

  • Value: We communicate our goals and values through clarity and consistency of our words and actions.

  • We connect organizational goals so that they have context for staff at all levels of the organization.
  • We convey our goals and values in a clear, effective, timely, and thorough manner.

  • Adopted May 2014


    Administrative Links

    Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Provost Links

    Julie Queen - Interim VC Administrative Services

    Keith Champagne - VC Student Affairs

    Larry Hinzman - Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

    Evon Peter - VC for Rural, Community and Native Education

    Anupma Prakash - Provost

    Chancellor Daniel M. White | Chancellor's Office

    Equity and Compliance at UAF

    Regional Human Resource Office Links

    SW – University of Alaska Statewide
           Labor Relations 
           Union Organizing 
    UAA – University of Alaska Anchorage
    UAS – University of Alaska Southeast

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    Human Resources News

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    Bullying Awareness Training Update

    The UAF Bullying Awareness training has been updated and is now available in your myUA Employee Services Portal, in the myUA Learning Library. 

    To self-enroll, please log into the myUA Employee Services Portal and follow these steps!

    Winter Closure 2017-2018

    2017 - 2018 Winter Closure Memo

    Updates to Title IX Training

    Employee Title IX Training:

    *Current Employees must complete this training by Sept. 30, 2017.*

    The University of Alaska has determined that all responsible employees must have Title IX training within 30 days of hire, and updated annually each fiscal year (July 1- June 30). At the University of Alaska responsible employees include all staff, all faculty and Residence Life student employees except those in confidential positions (link: http://alaska.edu/titleIXcompliance/responsible-employee/). Student employees (with exception of Residence Life employees) are not required to complete the training unless it is a departmental expectation. The following online training satisfies both initial and refresher training requirements. The training can be accessed through UAOnline as follows:

    Title IX Training: https://uaonline.alaska.edu

        • Login using your UA Username and Password
        • From the menu, select Employee Services
        • From the menu, select Employee E-Learning
        • From the menu, select Title IX: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination Prevention for Faculty & Staff
        • Login to EverFi Inc. with your UA credentials
        • Register your attendance


    • NOTE: Completion of the 1st training is required and meets this requirement, the 2nd portion of the training optional.


    If you are interested in attending an in-person training, contact the Title IX Coordinator through email at uaf-tix@alaska.edu or by calling 907-474-7300.

    Student Title IX Training:

    Students* are required to complete Title IX: Sex and Gender Based Discrimination Prevention training by October 31, 2017 in order to access registration for Spring 2018.

    *Degree seeking, living in campus housing, or on national/international exchange.

    Title IX Training: 

      • Login using your UA Username and Password
      • From the menu, select Student Services and Account Information
      • From the menu, select Student Training
      • From the menu, select the appropriate Title IX training
      • Login to EverFi Inc. with your UA credentials

    If you have questions about the training contact the Dean of Students Office at uaf-deanofstudents@alaska.edu or 907-474-7317.

    An Announcement from Patient Care!

    It's Official! Patient Care is now DirectPath!

    • Only the name has changed. DirectPath offers the same advocacy services as Patient Care to help you navigate your health plan benefits. You can get price quotes and comparisons for medical care before you schedule procedures to help you shop for the best value in health care.
    • The services is 100% confidential and 100% covered by the University of Alaska.
    • DirectPath has a team of advocates at your service, to help you become a more informed health care consumer and can help with any medical, dental, vision, FSA or HSA questions.
    • Call DirectPath at (866) 253-2273 for help with benefits questions, claims issues, finding a provider or comparing the cost of health care options. During Open Enrollment, they can even help you choose which health plan is right for you! 

    PatientCare logo

    We are very excited to announce...

    Patient Care, the nation's leading advocacy and transparency company, signed an agreement and has been acquired by DirectPath, the industry leader in employee health care engagement and compliance. With the acquisition, DirectPath will expand its suite of services for employers, offering them a complete solution for affordable health care.

    DirectPath's strategic engagement services help Fortune 1000 employers experience a significant return on their benefits investments by increasing employee participation in consumer-driven health plans. As you know, Patient Care's advocacy and transparency services help employees better understand the complicated health care system and make informed decisions about health care spending. The acquisition expands DirectPath's services, and will mean a broader set of cost-saving services for Patient Care and DirectPath clients.
    Read the press release here.
    What does this mean for Patient Care's employees and the services they provide to members?  
    We are excited to say that no offices are being closed and no layoffs are planned. In fact, Patient Care's talented employee base was one of the top reasons that DirectPath acquired Patient Care. So the awesome service you've come to expect from Patient Care will continue under DirectPath!
    Will Patient Care keep its name and branding, or will the name and branding change?  
    Patient Care's name will change to DirectPath.
    Have more questions?  We're happy to answer them!
    Give Jane Cooper a call at 414-234-1311 or email jcooper@patientcare4u.com.

    PatientCare has been acquired by DirectPath. Learn more by visiting DirectPathHealth.com

    myUA Guides are now available!

    myUA logo
    UAF Human Resources is excited to offer applicants and myUA users customized guides for UA Careers and myUA.

    Please go to the UAF HR Recruitment and Onboarding page for the guides.

    If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to uaf-jobs@alaska.edu.

    UA College Savings Plan - Payroll Deduction

    We are excited to announce that the UA College Savings Plan recently launched an enhancement which allows employees to select "Payroll Deduction" as a funding method through our online new account set up process. This is great news for UA Employees who want to set up a new account online and fund it through payroll deduction. 

    Because the set up experience online is not unique to UA employees we wanted to point out that you may receive an unfamiliar external form from people who complete the online process. We know that this may cause confusion for people going through the online set up experience and we will work to identify a solution. In the interim, if any UA College Savings Plan forms are received by a PPA, payroll technician or HR office, please forward them to our office and we will follow up accordingly with the employee. 

    The correct UA employee form (The UA College Savings Plan Employee Payroll Deduction Request Form) is located on the HR payroll forms page. 
    UA College Savings Plan logo
    MAIL FORMS TO:  UA College Savings Plan P.O. Box 755120 Fairbanks, AK 99775

    PHONE: 907-474-5671 
    FAX: 907-450-8023 

    UA Announces New and Improved Process for Out-of-State Workers

    The Work Activity Outside of Alaska Process has gone paperless!!! 

    A new online approval process has been created for employees that plan to have work activity outside of the state of Alaska.

    PPAs, under the direction from the employee's dean/director, will fill out the online form with the requested information to initiate the approval process. The request will be routed through the appropriate vice chancellor and then to Provost Henrichs for approval of faculty positions and to Vice Chancellor Kari Burrell for staff positions.

    For more information please go to www.uaf.edu/uafhr/resources/.

    UA Travel & Hiring Guidance & Updates

    UAF Guidance on Travel and Hiring RestrictionsFAQs Regarding Travel and Hiring Restrictions

    BoR Policy & Regulation Changes

    Emergency Regulation Change - Furlough

    Here's the view from the UAF's Geophysical Institute webcam

    UA Confidential Hotline

    The University of Alaska System is committed to open, honest communications and a positive work environment. The UA Hotline, through EthicsPoint, provides a confidential option for reporting suspected waste, fraud or violation of UA policy.  


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