Student Employment FAQ
Here is a list of frequently asked questions with regard to student employment at UAF.

This page is updated regularly to reflect changes in policy or to include any information we may have omitted.

Student Employment Qualifications

How many credits do I need to take in order to qualify for student employment?

Students must be taking at least 6 credits (part time) during the academic year in order to hold student employment. You will not need to take courses during the summer to begin or maintain student employment, as long as you are enrolled as a student for the coming Fall semester.

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I will be a new UAF student in the fall; can I apply for a student job over the summer?

Yes! As long as you have been accepted as a student for the fall semester and plan to register for at least six credits for the fall, please feel free to apply. Welcome to UAF!

Look for Summer Jobs!

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What are the GPA requirements for student employment at UAF?

Students are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA each semester to be eligible for employment at UAF.

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How does academic probation affect my student job?

Per university policy, a student's employment must be ended if the student is on academic probation for two consecutive semesters. The Student Waiver form may be used to avoid this, but only in some cases.

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As a student, what trainings are required for my employment?

All students are required to complete the core trainings listing on the UA Training page. Please note the due dates for each of the trainings and work with your supervisor to ensure completion.

Failure to complete required trainings will jeopardize your employment with UAF.

Required Training

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Are student employees considered "responsible employees" under Title IX? What does this mean?

Only students working for Residence Life are considered “responsible employees” under Title IX; all other student employees are NOT considered responsible employees.

This means that, if you work for Residence Life as a student employee, you are required to report all relevant details regarding alleged incidents of sexual harassment or sexual assault of which you become aware, to your campus Title IX coordinator within 24 hours.

Title IX information and contacts are available at:

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Pay, Hours and Time Sheets

How much can I expect to be paid as a student employee at UAF?

Student positions are typically classed as Student Assistant A, B or C. Currently, Student Assistant A positions start at $8.50 hourly, Student Assistant B positions start at $9.50 hourly and Student Assistant C positions start at $10.50. Typically the difference in classification comes down to job duties and expectations.

Pay increases may be granted by a departmental basis along "salary steps". Below is the link to the current (FY12) student pay grid showing the beginning pay for each student classification and the movement along the steps. 

Student Pay Grid

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How often will I be paid?

Pay is dispersed biweekly on Fridays. The only exception is when a payday Friday falls on a federal holiday when banks are closed. In these instances, pay will be dispersed on Thursday instead and you will be notified ahead of time of this difference in pay schedule.

If you have direct deposit, which is highly encouraged, your pay is usually received by midnight on Friday morning. If you are receiving a paper check, you can expect to receive your paycheck by Monday of the following week.

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Is there a list of paydays?

Yes! The Statewide Office of Human Resources maintains all the pay date calendars for the UA system. Click the link below to take a look!

UA Pay Dates
Be sure to note that the column on the far right shows the pay date, while the "Payperiod Begin Date" and "Payperiod End Date" columns show the dates for which you are being paid on that specific payday. 

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How many hours can I work per pay period?

During the academic year, you may work 20 hours per week; 40 hours per pay period. If you are in good academic standing, you may apply for a waiver form which will allow you to work up to 40 hours per week; 80 hours per pay period.

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Do I need to fill out a time sheet?

Yes; time sheets are required for student employees. Please work with your supervisor or department PPA to get your time sheet filled out.

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What is Federal Work Study (FWS)?

The Federal Work Study program provides jobs for graduate and undergraduate students with financial need.

Students must be eligible for federal financial aid as determined by completion of the
 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Pay rate:
Working conditions are similar to regular student employment.

How to apply:
Job placement is similar to regular student employment.

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What is direct deposit and how does it work?

Direct deposit allows UAF payroll to automatically deposit your pay into your bank account. Deposits can be made to a single account or up to as many as six different accounts. These deposits can be both savings and checking accounts and can be deposited to accounts in different banks or other institutions. 

Benefits of direct deposit include:
   Receiving your pay on payday rather than having to wait for a check in the mail;
   No worrying about your check being lost or damaged before you can deposit it;
   No fees for check replacement; and more!

For additional information on direct deposit, to include the process to set it up, please see the link below to the Statewide Office of Human Resources direct deposit page and their direct deposit FAQ!

Direct Deposit Process          Direct Deposit FAQs

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Summer Jobs and Working During Academic Breaks

Can I work during the summer?

Yes, provided your department has work available. Depending on work availability, you are able to work up to 80 hours per pay period during the summer.

Below, Florie Wilcoxson of UAF Summer Sessions gives a brief overview of what it's like to work and take classes in the summer at UAF, as well as some of the minimum requirements for holding student employment.

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How are summer contracts different than contracts during the academic year?

Summer contracts are entirely dependent upon what work the department has available. Some departments will have no work for students over the summer, while other departments are busiest during the summer months. Plan on having a discussion with your supervisor with regard to summer employment. 

Additionally, unlike academic year contracts, summer contracts are taxed.

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Can I work during Spring Break? Can I work during Christmas break?

You can work up to 40 hours during the week of Spring Break.

You can work during the Christmas break, with the exception of the hard closure dates. During these dates, the university is closed and the majority of departments are required to close as well. Emergency and power plant employees are excluded from this requirement. Many departments also choose to participate in a "soft closure" which is departmental only. Speak with your supervisor to make a schedule for this time period.

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What holidays does the university observe?

The university observes 12 holidays each year:

     New Year's Day and either the day before or after;

     Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Celebration of Alaska Civil Rights;
     A day during spring break*;
     Memorial Day;
    Independence Day;
     Labor Day;
     Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday;
     Christmas Day

*Spring Recess Holiday is normally scheduled for the Friday of the third full week of March, unless otherwise determined by the chancellor for the individual campuses.

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Types of Student Employment

What sorts of jobs are available to students at UAF?

Students can work Student Assistant A, B, and C positions at UAF. Graduate students can hold graduate assistantships in either research or teaching. Depending upon the qualifications necessary, students may also work as temporary employees.

Virtually all departments on campus hire student employees. Student employees are vital in keeping the university running, and as an institution, we are pleased to be able to provide our students with opportunities to gain work experience in many different fields. Everything from clerical positions to working with your fellow students in the dorms to working alongside your professors in the field. Whatever your goals in your working life, we have the job opportunity for you!

All of our positions are posted online. Take a look at our jobs site linked below, and find your next student job with UAF!

Apply for Jobs Here!

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What is the difference between student and temporary employment? Can I hold both?

Primarily, student employment is strictly for students, while temporary employment can be held by both students and non-students.

Temporary employment also typically has an end date and may be project related. You may hold both simultaneously, however you must keep your hour limits in mind.

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Can I hold two student jobs at once?

Yes, however, you cannot work over 20 hours per week total during the academic year without a waiver (the waiver requires good academic standing and results in a taxable status). You will have to balance your hours between both jobs. You will also have to work with both supervisors to make sure the arrangements are acceptable. 

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What is "at-will employment"?

"At-will employment" means that an individual's employment may be terminated at any time, for any reason or for no reason. Per the Board of Regents, student employees at UAF are considered at-will employees.

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Are student employees benefited?

Student employees are not benefited at UAF.

This link, provided by the Student Health & Counseling Center, outlines healthcare options available to students at UAF.

Students can be hired on as staff or faculty while in school, provided they can meet the expectations of the job. This would then count as benefited, professional employment at the university. Unlike with student employment, students hired as staff or faculty can only take leave if they have leave available, and can only take the appropriate leave (Annual Leave) to attend classes or other necessary obligations. Annual Leave must be pre-approved by your supervisor before it can be used.

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