Centennial tool kit

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Welcome letter

welcome letter

Co-branding guidelines

Co-branding guide



powerpoint template

Flier example

(Adobe InDesign)

flier example

Poster example

(Adobe InDesign)

poster example

Pull-up banner

pull-up banner example

Size is 33” x 84” but design area/viewable is 33” x 80”. This document includes .25” bleeds all around.

Birthday banner

birthday banner example

Send us a photo or video of yourself wishing the university a happy birthday using this birthday banner. Once you've taken your selfie, post it to social media using the hashtag #uaf100. Or send it to uaf-alumni@alaska.edu and we'll post it for you. Your post will become part of our centennial social media wall.

Logo, tagline and textures

These graphics do not replace the main UAF logo (or signature graphics). See centennial co-branding guidelines (PDF) for more information.

UAF100 logo

Preview Description PDF
(CMYK for print publications)
(RGB for Microsoft applications or web)
UAF100 full color logo UAF100 full-color logo PDF PNG
UAF100 greyscale logo UAF100 grayscale logo PDF PNG
UAF100 full-color logo, no tagline UAF100 full-color logo, no tagline PDF PNG
UAF100, full-color logo with UAF logo UAF100 full-color logo, with UAF logo PDF PNG


Centennial tagline, single line, black Tagline, single line, black PDF PNG
Centennial tagline, double line, black Tagline, two lines, black PDF PNG
Centennial tagline, single line, blue Tagline, single line, blue PDF PNG
Centennial tagline, double line, blue Tagline, two lines, blue  PDF PNG
Centennial tagline, single line, yellow Tagline, single line, yellow PDF PNG
Centennial tagline, double line, yellow Tagline, two lines, yellow PDF PNG


Centennial graphic background texture SVG PDF PNG

Centennial key messages

  • UAF has been a cornerstone of Alaska for the past 100 years, and it will continue to be a cornerstone in the next 100.
  • UAF has spent a century developing our distinct expertise in the North and making life better for all Alaskans.
  • The skills and talents of more than 35,000 UAF alumni have made a difference in Alaska and around the world.
  • Our private fundraising initiatives will enhance our mission and ensure that we provide students with a world-class education during the coming century.
  • For 100 years, UAF has built and maintained strong partnerships with communities, organizations and industries across the state.

Centennial merchandise

Centennial pins

Centennial pins ordering information

Vendor: Trademark (433 Third St, 456-3777, lauren.b@trademarkalaska.com)
Contact: Lauren

Quantity Unit cost Print cost Shipping (USPS)* Total cost
100 $2.48 $248.00 $25.00 $273.00
200 $1.99 $398.00 $25.00 $423.00
300 $1.65 $495.00 $25.00 $520.00
500 $1.14 $570.00 $30.00 $600.00
1,000 $0.99 $990.00 $40.00 $1,030.00
2,500 $0.93 $2,325.00 $60.00 $2,385.00
5,000 $0.77 $3,850.00 $85.00 $3,935.00
Production time: three weeks. *Fedex available at additional cost.

Centennial posters

Centennial posters ordering information

Vendor: Advance Printing (612 30th Ave, 451-1111, art@hotprinter.com)
Contact: Joel

Quantity Unit cost Total cost
1 $16.82 $16.82
10 $16.78 $167.75
25 $12.94 $323.56
40 $11.60 $463.91
60 $9.81 $588.88
100 $7.20 $720.55
200 $5.58 $1,116.43
300+ $5.29 $1,588.36

Production time: typically one week/depends on quantity. Delivery available.

Centennial scarves

Centennial scarves ordering information

Vendor: 4Imprint (4imprint.com)

Need to reference order number 13158063-1 when placing new orders. This ensures the same artwork will be used and allows the tape charge to be waived for orders of fewer than 24 scarves.

Quantity Unit cost* Total cost**
12 $15.50 $186.00
15 $15.41 $231.15
20 $14.80 $296.00
24 $13.75 $330.00
36 $12.85 $462.60
50 $11.85 $592.50
75 $10.69 $801.75
100 $10.17 $1,017.00
* Unit costs are as of 12/20/2016. Actual cost will be whatever is listed on 4Imprint site at time of ordering.  
** Total cost does not include shipping charges.  
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