Application for exemption from UAF graphic identity guidelines

Requests for exemptions from UAF graphic identity guidelines will be reviewed by the UAF Graphic Identity Committee and approved by the chancellor sparingly. Any unit applying for an exemption must make a compelling argument that goes beyond funding sources. Before applying for an exemption, please consider the following questions: 

  • Does funding for your school/department/center/program come from UAF, an external agency or both?
  • Which entity is better known: UAF or your school/department/center/program?
  • Does using the UAF logo violate laws, contractual agreements or regulations imposed by an external agency?
  • Does your school/department/center/program use UAF resources?
  • How important is the UAF association to incoming students, funding agencies or your target audience?
  • How similar are UAF and your school/department/program in personality and mission?
  • Do you have adequate resources to market and promote your school/department/program on your own?
  • Would using the UAF logo substantially hinder your communications goals?

Exemption form

To ensure consistent usage of the UAF logo, please reference the UAF graphic identity guidelines. If you believe your needs cannot be adequately represented by the UAF logo please fill out the exemption form, and the UAF Graphic Identity Committee will review your request. If you are requesting to use the UAF logo in addition to another logo, please attach the logo you are requesting to incorporate into your communications.

Please check all that apply.

*1. I request to:

*2. Our organization is:

*3. Please check all of the following reasons why you are applying for exemption.

Design process

If permission for the development of a separate graphic mark is approved, the design and use of the secondary mark will be developed in consultation with, and will be approved by, UAF University Relations. Any future rebranding needs to be done in cooperation with UAF University Relations.

All marketing materials must be aligned with the university’s primary logo and comply with its standards.

Questions? Please contact University Relations at

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