Memo: Branding at UAF

TO: UAF faculty and staff
FROM: Brian Rogers, Chancellor
DATE: May 13, 2011
RE: Branding at UAF

As UAF approaches its centennial, the need for us to tell our story in a clear and consistent manner is more important than ever. With uncertainties ahead in terms of state funding, it's time to strengthen our position and our reputation to help us grow student enrollment and philanthropic support.

As support for that endeavor, we're undertaking an identity and branding awareness project under the direction of Marketing and Communications, with assistance from the Nerland Agency out of Anchorage. Marketing and Communications is pulling together a campuswide Strategic Marketing Committee. The SMC will work collaboratively to vet qualitative and quantitative research, test positioning statements and creative ideas, and eventually become our "brand champions."

While this is underway, there are some things we can be doing now to strengthen our visual identity, which is one component of our overall brand. One way to ensure consistency is through proper use of the UAF logo. I am asking all UAF departments using the university logo for print or electronic communications to please use the UAF logo which emphasizes the word "Alaska." This logo is an important visual reminder of UAF's presence throughout the state of Alaska. The logo that emphasizes the word "Fairbanks" is being retired and should no longer be used. The correct logo, and guidelines regarding its usage, can be found at

For more information on the proper use of the UAF logo, please contact Jan Stitt at Thank you for all that you do to help tell the UAF story. It's a good one to tell, and the branding process we are undergoing now will help us in those efforts.